Must-See Parody on Advertising Guys

Barats & Bereta

Barats & Bereta, the online-video comedy duo best known for Mother’s Days, have posted a series called “Ad Guys” that is “must see” comedy for advertising executives. 

I’ve long admired the Canadian team for their sharp writing and acting, but this represents a brilliant marketing move as well. By satirizing advertising, they’ll quickly catch the attention of the very target market that can make them successful. I’m puzzled why the guys don’t have more sponsors given their tremendous popularity on YouTube and other online-video sites. They are now represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and are rumored to be cooking up an NBC sitcom

Check out Ad Guys episode one below, and visit their channel to see the next 3 episodes.

Grant, nothing tops “Truth in Advertising,” but this is good comedy.

17 Replies to “Must-See Parody on Advertising Guys”

  1. Did you just spell Bob Dylan “Bob Dillon”? What is that, Matt’s older brother?

    I can’t understand anyone getting this hyped about commercials. It is rather boring recovering from surgery though, I agree. Also, it’s freakin’ February. Ugh.

  2. Saw these episodes already. Pretty funny.

    Also, in the last sentence of your post, did you mean “granted” or were you referring to your son?

  3. @3: Sorry, but I actually like B&B better than R&L. I absolutely love their Mother’s Day video. Don’t get me wrong, I like R&L also.

    Nalts: Are you going to answer my question, or are you insulted because I once again corrected your spelling/grammar?

  4. This is terrible. I don’t see the humour in it at all. There isn’t a clever line in the whole video, nothing insightful into the biz… This is just shit.

    Stop watching Mad Men and thinking you understand Advertising.

  5. @7 – It’s parody, moron. It doesn’t have to be accurate. It’s obviously not supposed to be. It’s hyperbole, exaggeration. You want to know exactly why a lot of advertising fails? People like you. People that wouldn’t understand a joke if it ripped their balls off and made them into rice pudding.

    @Marilyn – I’m definitely in the R&L camp on this, but like I said, I liked this.

  6. This isn’t funny. At all. Not one bit. Not even slightly. I feel dumber now that I’ve watched that. Who the hell advertises in the Yukon? You know there’s a recession when people have the time to produce videos this terrible. I want those 3 minutes of my life back.

  7. It’s not that ad people are upset that things aren’t “realistic” enough. it’s that for parody to work, the parody actually has to say something unique or insightful about the subject it is parodying. That’s why parody movies such as “meet the spartans” aren’t funny or actually true parody.

    Same goes with this video. There’s nothing new or funny about the way ad guys act here. This could be called “Real Estate Guys” and make just as much sense. Still wouldn’t be funny though.

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