Amateur Commercial Beats Agency Ads in Superbowl

It’s not the first year a Superbowl ad was produced by an amateur (source: Advertising Age report on USAToday poll).

But this year’s $2000.00 commercial featuring a crystal ball getting tossed into a Doritos machine beat many of the Madison-created commercials. It’s a good day for companies like Poptent/Xlntads, which contract with amateurs to produce TV and web commercials. The folks that produced the Doritos spot (see video below) have been awarded a million-dollar contract as a result. Not bad. I still like mine better, not that I’m biased.

Carla McLeod, CMO of Zeta Interactive, a digital agency that monitors buzz, said that “Free Doritos” was also the best-performing Super Bowl ad in the blogosphere. Not only did the spot have the most posts in hours following the game, but nearly 90% of the posts were positive. “People thought it was a fun, memorable ad,” she said. “It really resonated with that audience.”

In related news, the video I posted featuring my top-1o Superbowl 2009 commercials has been viewed 240,000 times in the past 24 hours (more than 6 times the number of people than fit into the stadium for yesterday’s Superbowl), and this blog has been viewed in the past 24 hours more than ever before– in fact 4x the second highest day. Oh I’m not bragging, mind you. Nope. Just letting you know the thirst remains high for Superbowl ad buzz.

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  1. Could the fact that this website has been getting more viewers than ever recently AND the fact that you mentioned me in your last post be the reason for me getting 21 new subscribers in the last 2 days? Because that is the only reasonable explanation I can come up with, but I rarely ever know what influences my subscriber count.

    Of course, I am also getting a lot of overly friendly comments on my channel that seem as if they are responses to questions I would have asked these people…even though I don’t remember asking anybody anything lately… Maybe I am a sleep spammer….

  2. I just hope this blog doesn’t fill up with people actually wanting to discuss Kevin’s posts; that would ruin the whole atmosphere here.

  3. Uh, I’m not sure I get the product message here. What? Doritos are for property-destroying morons who aren’t willing to pay for their snacks? Wait. Doritos are for the soon to be unemployed? Or this: Doritos aren’t worth paying good money for.

  4. CPUs are off the charts here!

    I didn’t know this was an armature video until I read Reubrick’s comment -someone has to- and I didn’t get the impression this was an armature video, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

    It’s sort of funny now looking at it again with different eyes… I initially listed this commercial under the category of ‘Less Than or Okay.’
    Why did I do that ?

    Thinking at the time it was some big budget production company it actually struck me as a rip off of something I’d expect from an amateur.

    Now that I know it was viewer submitted I actually like it more.

    Logic dictates that my sympathies are with the amateur, I’m willing to cut them a break because of budget constrains and I guess I probably root for the little guy too. Doritos should bank that somehow when they show the commercial.

    Can you hear that? I hear moaning and whimpering. What could it be? Do you hear it? OH, I know what it is, the popularity of this video is a threat to ad agencies all over the world!

    But there’s one more layers to this thing… it’s much better than most amateur videos, so the real little guy, like Reubrick, doesn’t have a chance in hell unless he at least spends more money on a better camera. Ideas, editing and story are another thing. Will we be bailing out ad agencies with our tax payer dollars or has that already happen? Super bowl is pretty big.

    I wonder what the cost was to smash the candy machine glass?
    They still make those with glass or was that an editing trick?
    Straight guy’s got a good arm too, how many takes you think it took him to hit the boss square?

    silly creepy nerd, straight man, office banter, kitschy seasonal familiar object, damage something expensive and delicate, displayed product well; twice, hit someone in the groin. works.

  5. The free Doritos ad was my favorite. There was something really crazy about the guy who threw it. I didn’t know that it was an amateur ad until reading this. It was one of the few commercials that actually made me laugh.

  6. My favorite is still the ad (partly because Alec Baldwin is so wickedly funny; or funny being wicked), but the Doritos one was in my top 5.

    And yet, I also agree with MDJ; what kind of message is Doritos sending with this ad?

    Jan: I had problems getting here last night & this morning, and the link still doesn’t show up in my RSS feed. Was the site overloaded? Also, did you refer to Reubnick and Reubrick on purpose? You may not know, but a rubric is a scoring tool that teachers use.

  7. Kevin got a radio embed and they meandered over here so yes, there was a CPU overload and Reubnick’s name was a typo, all my typos are based on what was learned rather than what was taught 😉

  8. Ok. I think I have figured it out.

    I often wonder why your posts have random phrases crossed out… and somewhat cryptic color formatting.

    Your using the spell checker in the google toolbar aren’t you? When I was using a PC for blogging, I would use the google toolbar. If I was not careful, the spell checkers formatting would stay in the post.

    The only reason I bring this up, is to ensure my sanity.

    I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to decipher your secret messages. 😀

  9. That Doritos ad sucked ass, and the whole Super Bowl ad frenzy just shows that people like stuff that sucks ass. Congrats on half a million ass-sucking views.

  10. @2 It’ll never happen. Ad people don’t share.
    @4 I agree, Jan. But I don’t think the advertisers are thinking that way yet. Still grinning, saying “quaint” and spending 250K on a low budget ad.
    @5 Sukatra- today?

    I think the Doritos people are pimping this video online. And do my spell check thigns show up? I cant’ spell. I’m a rigther.

  11. Seriously, Kevin, you liked the Doritos ad above? For me, the ad links Doritos to vandalism and swollen testicles. When I think snack food, I don’t want to think about swollen testicles.

  12. @18 just wait for the quaint ad bailouts – oh wait, Hollywood is getting some.

    Update: looks like the digital revolution will be postpone until June.

  13. Thanks, as always, for the shout out, Nalts! These Doritos guys are the talk of the town, aren’t they? Wowza. Pretty radical stuff to see them walk with the big prize.

    We’re chugging away on getting folks involved with the ‘crowd sourced’ commercial approach. Did you see we just launched a new commercial assignment for Stouffer’s?

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