Watch Superbowl Ads Online on 7 Video Sites

Why watch the game, when you can catch all of the advertisements on these online-video sites? And hey- most of these ads don’t have any prerolls. That goodness Madison Avenue and the online-video sites are finally cooperating. 

9 Replies to “Watch Superbowl Ads Online on 7 Video Sites”

  1. I know one ad in particular that won’t be good, and it’s THE DORITOS ONE!

    Of course, I’m not going to be too mean, because they gave me free stuff.

  2. I am typing this as I sit here otherwise not caring who wins the bloody game….oh and I’m dieing a new back drop. That’s how interested I am…REALLY.

    Hey Kevin! Look at my new video! I’m kinda proud of it.

    ^ Click

  3. You can write TWO, count ’em, TWO blog entries today, but you can’t do a blog entry celebrating my birthday?????

    This just proves your supreme tool-ocity.

    ththththththththbbbbbbbb. I hope you got spit on you when you read that.

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