Dangers of Mobile Advertising

Wired magazine reports this month that it’s the GPS revolution in 2009. Remember a decade ago, when we heard stories about how you’d be passing Starbucks and suddenly receive a text/sms offer via your mobile phone? Yeah, that and the space cars I’m still waiting on.

Well here’s a glimpse into the dangers associated with GPS-based (location based) text advertising. Jo and I depicted the sad reality as we see it. We’d be passing stores just to get the discounts retailers would use to lure us back. Mind you this isn’t a sponsored video, so the Borders, Starbucks and California Tortilla appearances are just to make it more realish.

I’m not sure if other countries have introduced this technology, but I sure can’t wait for it in the US. That’s what I love about those free 411 services. You suddenly get text junk mail. Eww. And how creepy would it be to have an advertiser know exactly where you are at a specific time. Here’s hoping for opt-outs.

I’m posting the blip.tv version first because it’s a bit better resolution:

And the YouTube version…

12 Replies to “Dangers of Mobile Advertising”

  1. Kevin, this video is brilliant. No, I’m serious. Your wife did an amazing job, you did an amazing job, and it’s one of those jokes that FEELS like it’s meant for the future, but it still works today. Douglas Adams did a lot of those. It looks good on you.

  2. Oh! That’s what I need ANOTHER REASON TO SPEND MONEY! My wife would buy freeze dried donkey crap if she had a coupon or if it’s on sale.

    And how many times HAVE your wrecked that car?

  3. @4, I said that months ago, but noone paid any attention to me! >:( I just thought it was my end, but it seems to be getting worse.

    I doubt Circuit City will be sending any texts out. Then again, “ALL SALES FINAL!” would count too.

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