The Best of “Clip Critics”

Folks if you haven’t discovered The Clip Critics, catch up with this “best of” hosted by Michael Buckley. They’re among my favorite creators, and deserve far more subscribers than they have.

I still have my own favorite… the boxer getting his leg knocked broken. Where’d that one go, anyway?

13 Replies to “The Best of “Clip Critics””

  1. that boxer clip was a good one.

    By the way Nalts, are you enjoying the free hat, shirt, and doritos coupons that evidently were sent to everybody who entered in that stupid superbowl contest? I know I am. 5 BAGS OF DORITOS, for god sake! That’s like 10 bucks, right there!

  2. I only made it 3 seconds into the video, once I saw that it was a 7 and a half minute video. Think how many shits I can take during those 7.5 minutes? How many vicodin I can swallow? How much gin I can swill?

    I’d rather spend my 7.5 minutes doing something more productive or fun. Off to the crapper now.

  3. Sukatra- I’ve lost my taste for opoids! It’s like when you OD on turkey at Thanksgiving and you never want to see it again. Until the next day, when you make a big old sandwich.

  4. REUBNICK!!! You got 5 bags of Doritos? I got a large shirt (this girl is extra large) and a dang hat that’s so tight my brain hurts.

  5. Kevin, it scares me that you have lost your taste for opoids. Mostly because of what it means for me, since I haven’t.

    Send me all your spares. Shit, I’ll drive up there and pick them up. Be sure to get all new refills before i get there.

  6. Sukatra- they were WAY more generous before the surgery when my pain level was really high. Now they’re being stingy- jerks. It’s all about finding a generous doctor who shares our disdain for pain and normality.

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