Tortuga ‘n Periquit: Making Of Worst YouTube Collaboration Ever

What if there was a documentary about a collaboration of some of the top YouTube creators, but the collaboration never existed? And what if the video of which they spoke was complete garbage? Such is the story of Tortuga ‘n Periquit wtf, a horrible video I made over the weekend. The initial intent was to make a cute animal video with a turtle and parakeet, but they had creative differences on the green screen. Just before I was going to trash the video because the green screen looked like “ass,” I decided to post it anyway. And to taunt fellow video creators, I credited people who had nothing to do with the garbage video… Charles Trippy, Michael Buckley, Cory “Mr Safety,” and others. 

The video, as I expected, did not do well in views or ratings. After reading dozens of “wtf” comments, I decided to include wtf in the title. Then I woke up Sunday with a desperate need to create a fake documentary about the process and intent of this crappy video. Fortunately some of my favorite YouTubers were willing to send clips… FallofAutumnDistro, Michael Buckley (WhattheBuck), Nutcheese, TheMightyThor1212, Zipster08, Sign543, Jawharp1992 (who does all my ukulele songs). Charles Trippy as at Busch Gardens, Pipistrello danced his way out of it, and MrSafety (the alleged director) was nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t stop Buckley from giving him a playful jab.

Here’s the original video, followed by the “mockumentary” about the process.

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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I loved the parakeet video and even sent it to my aunt, who generally hates your videos and thinks you’re a tool. She grudgingly admitted it was “clever,” but only after I promised to never send her another one of your videos for all eternity.

  2. Marilyn- I’m sorry to hear that your employer sucks. Sukatra- I now have a new hurdle. You see, MrSafety told me his mom likes my videos but is sick of the song. And he encouraged me to experiment (hence the failing clone series and this horrible spanish-soap-opera parody). Now my new challenge is to make something Sukatra’s mom will like. Can you please share some of her taste preferences? Do I need to stick with Lawrence Welks and Johnny Carson parodies? Or can I try something more contemporary like Golden Girls?

  3. P.S. My AUNT likes totally politically incorrect videos. Like, for example, if you were in blackface and talked about fried chicken and watermelon. Or if you made fun of other ethnicities, or talked like a Chinese person. Or if you totally denigated the female species by rating the size of popular youtubers’ bazongas. You know, that kind of stuff. She loves that shit.

    She also likes booty shakers, if you could manage to do some of that.

  4. The trash men come and get the trash about 5 am here and are so fucking loud. Not only do they make tons of noise they also decide that the echo in my alley makes for a perfect place to get into a yelling match. Rey called the city and complained. Now they are even louder. That part actually cracks me up. Rey isn’t about to call and complain again.

  5. Kelley

    Do they come on regular days or every day? If they come on, say, Tuesday and Thursday, wear earplugs when you go to bed the night before.

    I’m so resourceful.

  6. I liked it, it was umm.. experimental – the Spanish was a nice touch; add “(Espanol)” to the title and tag. The follow up documentary was clever too, but something was missing, I wonder what could it be…

  7. am I the only one who finds Jawharp to be an arrogant jerk? Maybe it’s just because he unsubscribed to me, got angry at me when I asked why, and deletes most comments I post on any of his videos because they aren’t appropriate. In fact, he might have even blocked me at this point. But I suppose that’s what happens to people when they become partners. I miss being his competition.

    In his defense, though, I probably shouldn’t have written a comment about Paperlilies being a bitch.

  8. @14

    Why would you ask why someone unsubscribed to you? I would be annoyed if someone asked me that question too.

    And how do you even know he unsubscribed to you? Did he tell you? You have 465 subscribes – 200 more than me – and I have no idea who unsubscribes to me when my numbers go down.

    Unless of course you guys are lovers. Nothing wrong with that. I could understand being a little miffed then.

  9. Noo…he unsubscribed to me when more people didn’t care about me. Back in the ages of like 90-100 subs. The only reason his unsubscribing annoyed me so much was because he mentioned me in like 3-4 of his videos, and was in a video of mine.

  10. it was definitely in that category of ‘so bad it’s good’. the documentary was really funny too, i didn’t realize you credited people who had nothing to do with the video haha

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