8 Replies to “Parsnip Soup by HomeStar Runner”

  1. OMG am I the only person that finds this funny? We can’t even excuse this as a “medication thing” because I thought it was funny long before my back surgery.

  2. Oh my god. I friggin’ love home star runner. I watched this video for the first time in like 5th or 6th grade when I was still a huge weirdo. Ah, times have changed.

    Now I just wait for the comment from Sukatra telling me that I still am a huge weirdo…

  3. @3 Ummm Yep. I find it to be a play on the never ending Class struggle between those who have parsnips and those who don’t. The fact that this is done in a B/W 1930’s cartoon short style and the characters draw on existing archetypes from that era also help to reinforce the humorous implications of the storyline.
    The reference to the potato famine and satirical implications endemic to the social upward migration of the second and third generation Irish-American community helps to sell this piece to the audience of that or any era.

    Oh and I liked the music.

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