Ode to Walter Bishop (Fox’s Fringe)

Per my previous post, here’s my ode to Walter Bishop. This morning our babysitter was quite frigthened by the large wooden Walter in our garage. But I just love the lil’ guy. It’s nice to be sponsored by a show that I love so much- Fringe’s season debut is Tuesday night. I’ll be glued to that giant monitor without a keyboard.

Go easy on me here, peeps. It took a lot of courage for me to break out the guitar and sing. But I’m willing to go the length to let the world know about Walter Bishop (played by actor John Noble). Now I gotta convince Fox to let me meet him!

You can also check out my lil site at http://fringe.ofnalts.com/ or see this “I Love Walter” video on YouTube.

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  1. Nice song! And you did a pretty good job of explaining the premise of the show. I agree; Walter does have all the best lines.

    BTW, if you get Fox to let you meet John Noble, can you get them to let me meet Keifer Sutherland?

  2. @1- now I have no excuse on taking so long on the Kitty parody! It’s unfortunately too darned noisy here to record anything.

    @2 Maryland- if I meet Noble, I will demand they arrange a Keifer/Marilyn dinner. šŸ™‚

  3. You may have no excuse, but on the flipside, I know that you at least possess some musical talent now. I was honestly scared you’d sound like my mean-spirited lispy Nalts impression guide track.

  4. I liked the way you synched your hands to the guitar notes. Honest, no one would ever know it wasn’t your own playing.

    Okay dude, you have me convinced. I’m going to start watching Fringe. One person converted, 300 million to go. šŸ˜€

  5. Listening to you, it was like for a moment, O my brothers, some great bird had flown into the milkbar and I felt all the malenky little hairs on my plott standing endwise and the shivers crawling up like slow malenky lizards and then down again.

  6. Noble’s the best thing in the show.

    Love it. Love Walter and his wacky, druggy, geniusy vibe.

    And I think I might have to post your clip at my blog as well.

    Finally back tonight, I’ll have to practice only fast forwarding the DVR 60 seconds, it’s been a while you know.

  7. So I watched my first episode of fringe tonight, and I gotta say, Walter Bishop did not say a SINGLE thing that I found funny or unusual in the way that you represented. I can see that you have allowed your judgment to be clouded by your unnatural sexual desire for a cardboard cutout of a man with a purple face.


  8. @21 – me too. I’m trying to get on this bandwagon, but I keep falling off. Not to mention it’s the kind of plot that doesn’t really do it for me.

    Disclaimer: I was falling asleep during it (no reflection on the show) and don’t really know what it was about. I don’t think the blonde is all that pretty, though.

  9. @21 & 23:
    Last night’s episode may not have contained as many pithy remarks as usual from Walter, but you gotta love the huge cold virus coming out of everyone’s mouth! Creepy! THAT’S what I love about the show.

    And you also didn’t see anything about Massive Dynamics, the company that may be behind the “pattern”, which is the string of fringe science “events” that’s been afflicting the Boston area, which is where the show is set.

    It’s really the “X-Files” sense of the show (conspiracies and creepiness), that gets me to watch every Tuesday.

  10. @26: Keifer’s the only guy for me right now (“24” is one of my favorite shows). Oh, and David Duchovny.

    Besides, there really aren’t any hot guys on “Fringe”

  11. It’s very very hard to get someone committed here in the piney woods. Absurdly hard. I think it has something to do with the area’s general population low I.Q. I mean, how do you tell stupid from crazy?

  12. That’s a good point, MDJ, or more to the point, how do you tell crazy from crazy? If the people doing the distinguishing themselves are fairly marginal, how are they going to determine that something is “abnormal”?

    Now. Enough of this talk about getting someone into Harvard – Nalts doesn’t have that kind of clout. I would like to go on record predicting, however, that Nalts will be invited to a White House function sometime in the next 8 years. Kind of a court jester, if you will.

  13. If he gets to Washington D.C. he’d better not drink the water. If I cheated on my income taxes to the tune of $34,000, I’d be in jail. But if you do it in Washington, they put you in charge of the treasury. Must be some crazy juice in the water there.

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