Web Video for Business? Yes. If You Have a (what?)

Trivia time! You can use web video for your business if you have:

  1. A server to stream video
  2. A savvy technical team and widgets
  3. Legacy of video assets from marketing or training
  4. A story
  5. 2 and 3 but not 4 and 1 unless 1 is less true than 4.

Did you get the right answer? If you use online-video for your business, you’d  better have  a story. That was a key message in this Fast Company story “Straight to Video,” written by The Scobleizer.

Don’t know who The Scobleizer is? Geez. He’s only the 6th most popular Twitterholics. Don’t know what Twitter is? Well stop reading right now, and set up a Twitter account and follow me and other people you know. In fairness, Scoble uses FriendFeed. And 19 minutes ago he rode in a cab with a driver that used to be a chef, and is willing to clean toilets to survive in a recession.

When nearly 50,000 people read your microblogs are you still a journalist? Or are you suddenly more than a story teller? 

Anyway, it’s true. A lot of online video pitches the product because that’s what 50 years of television has taught. But I’d watch very few commercials voluntarily, so advertisers have to either force me (with interruption ads and pre-rolls) or compel me (with a story).

History has proven that force may be easier in the short-term– like, say, if you’re trying to drag your kid out of the restaurant before the crying fit escalates. But compelling someone with a story has longer-term impact… like telling your child about the time the manager cut the screaming kid’s fingers off and put it in the chili.

Speaking of kids with tantrums, here’s an old classic. I can’t show it to my kids anymore, because I’m afraid they may understand the ad’s message.

11 Replies to “Web Video for Business? Yes. If You Have a (what?)”

  1. Again good to have you back Kevin!

    I agree I hate most commercials and pack a mute near-by when ever watching; but you’re absolutely correct, story is key. Put one up on you tube and if it’s good will end up on 1000s of shared e-mail lists, chat rooms and twitter. Commercial are short, easy to spread and quick entertainment. If the story is told well people want to spread and share it fast (there’s a study). This year I added a section for some of the best commercials [click]. Now that I think of it, my #1 pick was actually a commercial.

    Banned in the US ads are also the best, and I did liked this one, but once was enough. Kids crying, balls bouncing, hearts beating and stuff flashing get your attention, but those tricks alone don’t work, the story has to be compelling, poignant or funny and usually spiced with a little odd or a twist. If it has a couple of those ingredients all the tools are there to spread and get it seen. Along with some good timing, how fast it spreads, how many times people rip and repost will determine how big or how good it was.

  2. @3: Or you could just accept that that’s just the way Kevin is and go on with your life. I tweet so seldomly that no one bothers to follow me.

    But I am popular on Facebook, so that’s ok.

  3. The only one worth following on twitter is Sukatra. Most people post lame ass stuff… as if I care what their eating for lunch. Come on people… is it really important to share everything that you are stuffing in your pie hole?

    Mmmm… pie. I need some pie for breakfast.

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