Thank You (pee bag video)

Thanks for the “get well” post and comments after my fun-packed spinal fusion surgery. Here’s the video I shot to pass on my appreciation (but couldn’t get it to post). 

  • I’m back home from the hospital in fairly constant and often intense pain (largely because I can’t take these nasty pain meds). But today’s highlight was having wifeofnalts drive me to Kmart so I could ride one of those carts through the isle. I didn’t know this before, buy most of the end caps are on wheels. They’re going to have to rearrange the entire store tonight. 
  • Thanks, babysitterofnalts for reminding me not to move around too much. She found me in the kitchen in kinda a walking coma, and made me go upstairs and take a nap. I woke up not realizing what planet I was on.

So here’s the short film titled “Thank You (pee bag).” It’s not a pee bag, but a canister. Whatever. It’s kinda in the style of marquisdejolie. Marquis, as many of you know, is the homeless guy from Texas I reference in “Viral Video Genius,” and my favorite surreal short filmmaker. 

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  1. why can’t you take the pain meds? Are you out of your mind???? A little constipation never hurt anyone. Take it from me. I spent the first 11 days in Kazakhstan not taking a shit, and then when i finally got to the point where I could, someone knocked on the door of our hotel room just as I was trying to pinch one out.

  2. Take the pain meds, Nalts, and GET SOME REST!!!! You will only prolong your discomfort if you don’t get some rest. Stop posting and making videos for a few days; we’ll survive.

    Well, maybe sukatra won’t, but I’ll be OK.

  3. You’re welcome Naltsie!

    Did you save it, at least, so you can put it in the apple juice container when you get home for a special prank?

    Hope so!


    You still have K-Marts? Interesting.

  4. Yeah, you look fine. Forget resting. If you can go shopping, you can start making videos again. Get on it. Entertain me!

  5. I understand the aversion to the high octane pain meds, I feel the same way. Take them for a very short time and move over to Motrin as fast as you can.

    Just think if you do take the Oxy then you can do another falling down the stairs vid today. Wouldn’t that be grand? (sigh)

  6. @ 10 Better than Kevin’s.

    Kevin can’t poop. Bawhahaha!

    Speaking of not pooping have you guys seen that video where that guy decides it’s a good idea to stick a glass jar up his ass?

  7. The good thing about you getting spinal fusion surgery…

    is that I have guaranteed my spot when I kick the bucket.

    I can thank all of my saintly acts by saving you from tiptoeing in endless circles with no purpose.


  8. Nalts! Calm yourself! Rest! You have to get better so you can rap with Zack Scott and myself.

    Nalts is a great rapper, by the way, everyone. He has to finish up a verse for us, but the man is the next Snoop Dogg.

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