The Richter Scales Do Tech Parody of “You’ve Got to Have Hart”

Remember The Richter Scales and their controversial “Here Comes Another Bubble?” Common- a photographer named Lane Hartwell sued, and they had to pull the video down? I was furious and held a contest for those who could do the best mosh-up of Hartwell’s photos?

Courtesy of TechCrunch, here are The Richter Scales at TechCrunch’s “The Crunchies” performing their latest song (see article).

The song, a satire of “You’ve Got to Have Hart,” starts at 1:04. The Chumby gag is the best. I loved the little dig at Chumby because I was nuts about the device and mine is now collecting dust along with the camera/monitor that allows people to webcam via a phone line (circa 1998). 

I will say I was disappointed to not see the entire group in a chorus line (just one guy). I had a drama teacher that said chorus lines by guys almost always gets laughter and a standing ovation. 

Oh- and the references to Hart (not heart) were intentional pokes at Hartwell by me.

14 Replies to “The Richter Scales Do Tech Parody of “You’ve Got to Have Hart””

  1. You know, my cat is sitting on my desk staring at the computer screen, and I can actually get her to follow the cursor around the screen. It’s hilarious.

    Yup, she just did it again.

    And again.

  2. As I skimmed thru this blog, like I always do…all I got was…

    ONE, Spinial Transfusion
    Every little step he aches.
    One thrilling combination
    Every move that he makes.

  3. Musical Geeks! What’s not to like?

    Kevin check your e-mail

    I gave Richter Scale #2 spot last year [click]

    They covered their asses double this time round used CC and gave everyone more than enough props. I didn’t realize there were so many in the band though

  4. @1
    It’s like there’s this whole other world of people doing things behind your back, isn’t it Marilyn? I feel the same way about people with jobs.

    Sing it, x.

  5. @6
    We spend 90% of our time practicing?
    er, sorry, I’m getting out of that crowd (though, not in time for my college application, so I still have that reason as to why my grades suck), so it would be they, not we.

  6. I actually kind of expected you to go dark for a few weeks, Kevin. Boy, was I wrong.

    Anyway, good to see you still entertaining us, your loyal entourage. (Would “retinue” be better in this context?)

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