Dear WVFF Regulars

I’m writing this quick post to thank youall for your well wishes. You are such wonderful people. No greater group of strangers conversing anonymously over the Interweb has ever existed. I am truly grateful to call you all my casual acquaaintances.

Now, a word to the wise: I would not recomend spinal fusion surgery to anyone. You know, it really kind of hurts. Lots more than I thought it would. And the drugs they are giving me are not really working. All the morphine does is make people look and talk funny. And I don’t mean funny “ha ha”. I mean funny “odd.”


Well, I’ve got to sign off now. Sudenly my room is full of bunnies. Big, pink fluffy bunnies. That makes me happy. It’s a comfort to know that when I’m screaming like a little girl from the excruciating pain, the bunnies are there for me. That is, when there not humping each other.


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  1. IT’S WAY TOO SOON FOR YOU TO BE BLOGGING, is the problem, not the morphine or the bunnies.

    Lie back and count the bunnies and fall asleep again.

    From what I hear about fusions, you got a long, slow road ahead. I recommend you get to be on a first-name basis with the bunnies.

  2. …you WOULD be blogging already.

    Just sit back and eat the heath bars from your urinal I gave you.

    Then munch on the heath bar sandwich cookies.

    Then…play with your Happy Chanukah yo-yo.

    I think it even lights up…

    Hmmm…see you in a few hours. So…sleepyyyyy

    When you are feeling better…revenge footage is due. :oP

  3. @4 Thanks for the kind words, and especially the urine container an chanukah yo-yo. I got ’em mixed up, however, and the yo-yo now squirts in addition to lighting up. And Jan- couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. What a trooper, blogging from his morphine bed. Who gave him internet access there? Take it back. Let him rest. If you have to give him electronics, give him a GameBoy.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh! If you see Snappy Happy Foo Foo, tell him I said hi! He’s the pink bunny with one leg shorter than the other, has a deformed nose from when I punched him in the face and a carrot shoved up his ass. He visits me from time to time.

    Best Wishes!


  6. @5 Hang in there buddy, hope you feel beter soon!
    When you do you can tell me what the hell you are talking about?
    take care!

    @4 who’s watching his medication?

  7. Really? I thought spinal fusion sounded like fun. I was going to get it done next week just for shits and giggles… or at least for the pills. I think I’ll just go to pill corner instead. Then at least I’ll be able to enjoy the high. It sucks to waste the pills on pain.

    Ugh… I’m sitting here smelling the awful stench of bong water coming from somewhere. That smell is worse than open ass.

    Oh yeah… hope you feel better soon Kevin.

  8. @9

    Well, I was, but it got very boring, so I just sort of… sold it. To a drug dealer. Don’t worry, I turned him in for possession of a controlled substance, so it’s ok.

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