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  1. kevin, this is a lousy excuse for not posting. Sick? Who the hell lets being sick get in the way of anything? I’ll tell you who, lazy people!

    Oh, wait, that applies to everyone who decided to not go into engineering, science, or math (or become a teacher, gotta respect the teachers).

    Shit, that’s like, 90% of the American population.

    Still, no excuse, get more ambition!

  2. Is this another Nalts prank?

    BTW, I just awoke after dreaming that I misplaced Kevin’s two sons near a Pasadena railroad freight yard (they fell off a freighter we were riding and I couldn’t jump off with them ’cause the train was going too fast). What was BabysitterofNalts thinking? She should’ve never let me take the kids for a joyride without a car. Or she should’ve loaned me her cute little yellow Mazda Miata.

    If this isn’t a prank, get well and save Nutcheese some of your pain pills, Kevin. She can be relentless in the pursuit of codeine.

    Wait. Why am I out of the loop? What did Kevin need surgery for? Lower back? Spine? Penis reduction?

  3. MDJ, he needed surgery for all those pratfalls he’s been taking, like going down stairs head first and the like. (He claims it’s not related, I sez it is.)

    Kevin, take as much time to heal as you need. It seems you have left the blog in able hands!

  4. Finally, a literal interpretation of what everyone’s been saying about you all along: “That boy’s not well.”

    Feel better soon, Bunky!

  5. Kevin, please don’t feel bad that it’s been 24 hours and you only have 13 “get well” posts on your blog. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything. People have lives. People are busy. Plus they don’t like sick people.

  6. [constructive comment about getting better]

    Hey, I just got some unpleasant medical news of myself today. That’s the best I can do at the moment.

  7. @14 sukatra oh be quiet! you’re just jealous cause Kevin’s all doped up and you’re not!

    but you and marquisdejolie are right, people hate sick people, they scares us because a sick person reminds us all just how mortal we are. The only cure is to get over it and start living and true sympathy can only come from those who have suffered as much or more and no, I didn’t figure that out watching Oprah.

    Kevin you got one wife and four kids, that entitles you to 15 days of, “Sweety will you get me..” service. After that you got to empty your own bed pan and grill your own cheese.

    @16 do tell?

  8. @5: Thanks for giving teachers props! 🙂

    Although I had the day off today due to another freaking ice-storm; is winter over yet?

    Oh, yeah, and get well soon Kevin. And as I commented on your video, NO MORE PRATFALLS!!! I agree with DahliaK.

    Did you know that Chevy Chase has had continuous back problems since his ONE YEAR on SNL thirty years ago? It is all due to all those pratfalls he did. True story.

  9. @17

    Weeeeeell, seeing as it involves my junk, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to hear. Of course, I also have an ingrown toenail that I have to get cut out on Friday. Not nearly a spinal transfusion, but still unpleasant. I just hope I don’t get Dr. Die again. That doctor proved to me last time he treated my toe that he has that name for a reason. Ow…

  10. @21

    Well, it’s too late for me. It really hurts to walk. In fact, it even hurts to sit. But enough about me, lets go back to feeling bad for Nalts.

    Get wall, Naltyboy!

  11. @19 not without a nurse barbie.
    Three days for each family member is the rule, if, you don’t want them to hate you and stick you in a home in another state when you get old.

    @23 aw ew yuck! now my foot hurts, and please please don’t tell me about your junk. What ever it is just drink lots of water! Google it and find a specialty forum, hurry now, quick go!

    I hope you find quick relief and recovery soon 🙂

  12. @24
    Kevin can afford a nurse barbie. And I know this hot red haired physical therapist who….wait, the memory is making me drool on my keyboard.

    Oh, I have an ingrown toenail story. It involves boot camp, a disgruntled assistant associate nurse’s helper, a corporal, and a pair of needlenose plyers from hell.

    But I’d rather think about that physical therapist.

  13. Kevin –

    You’re probably lying in a hospital bed right now, being force fed jello so bad that Bill Cosby hangs his head in shame. Don’t forget buddy, the best motto in life is “live or die tryin'”

    I still want your subs though. 😉

  14. Don’t pay attention to sukatra. I don’t need or want your subs. Just want you to get better.

    It’s really hard to be sincere on this blog, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  15. let me tell you something about spinal fusions. They suck. I’m serious. Nothing touches the pain- even the Rish Limbaugh ones. I gotta go tl sleep

  16. @34:
    You tell him. There is a little thing that kicks in after you give birth called “maternal amnesia”. If that did not happen, no one would give birth more than once. Seriously.

    BTW, sukatra, I am not trying to suck up.

    OK, yes I am. 🙂

  17. Oh hey! I just got home from the doctor, and I had the procedure for my ingrown toenail done! Currently, my toe is still numb, but it’s coming to, and it’s gonna hurt. Yay! Basically, 2/6ths of my nail was cut off. I STILL know it’s nothing near a spine fusion, but it still sucks…just not as much.

    Nalts! We can be “In a lot of pain buddies”!

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