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  1. It’s a complete success and backed up royally! It’s going to be confusing for a bit because it’s such a major upgrade, the guts anyway; it’s a lot more compressed than old version.

    When marquis whole blog popped up I started looking up at the sky for chemtrails, but everything is in working order all around.

    lot more toys, lot less spam.

    have fun!

  2. Anyone want to buy some Viagra? Let me know. I can get you a good deal.


    Hey, actually found a bug. Userlinks don’t work. Try clicking on my name.

  3. @6 Good point-Timestamps are our friend, and I’m sure WordPress has that ability.

    This end looks great, of course with the slight exception of the link issue.

    Hey, I know this is a glitch with the Recent video bar API, and not this site, but has anyone else noticed that Nalts’ YouTube Live Technical Support videos are in the number 1 and 2 slots in the “recent Nalts video” bar on the right? Is Nalts messing with the code, or is this a bug?

  4. @10 Do you have video evidence to back up your claim?

    And yeah, raisins are good I guess. Had raisin bran for breakfast on Christmas I think.

  5. what do I look like Houdini?

    If you want a time stamp you’ll have to ask Kevin if it’s ok first.

    The current theme doesn’t provide that option, though you can write the author and ask him to add it (click at the bottom of the page to contact him) or if you want find a comment time stamp plugin on WP and send me the URL – If Kevin says yes I’ll plug it in πŸ™‚

  6. @14 I should have taken a screen shot, but I was wetting my pants at the time. It was up there at least a good hour. At first I thought every post just got fat, then it turned into your blog with the WVFF trimmings. Was very strange and spooky. Reflecting back on it now it would have been a great joke if Kevin woke up, flipped to the blog and saw yours instead. Then again he might not have even noticed πŸ˜‰
    especially with all the new stuff he’s going to have to figure out just to post in this upgrade.

    Still needs some tweaking, if you or anyone notices anything post it here I swear I can’t read minds.

    All the plugins and widgets are working save one.

  7. @12 Forgive me since I’m new to wordpress, but I have a copy installed on my server and inside the themes directory

    wp-content/themes/tv_10 (tv_10 is the theme I’m running)

    there is a file called comments.php

    Inside that file there is the following (hopefully it will post..)

    <a href=”#comment-” title=””> at

    Basically all you need to do is copy the part to be in your theme in the right place, look for comment_date, then reset any cache plugins you have running and that should do the trick. πŸ™‚

  8. oooh, I like it. A cryptic blog post that makes no sense to me and only has a picture. I’m totally going to go and do that at my website.

    By the way, why do the comments have dandruff now?

  9. @23 Reubnick, If you were more of a dedicated WVVF blog reader you’d have seen the original blog entry before it was edited to be as it is now. Man, you missed out. nalts might have been giving away all sorts of cool stuff, but too late now!


  10. Hey! I’m about as dedicated as they get. I just couldn’t get to the computer yesterday because my family had the Family Christmas and the basement always becomes the Man’s den.

    Seriously now, what happened? And does the website’s dandruff show up to everybody?

  11. @18 the Russians! where? what?!

    @19 you know it’s a good sign when you can’t see a difference. But it’s all in the guts, things actually work.

    @21 what version? are you using wp.com? you still gotta ask Kevin. Why do you need more than the date, if you don’t mind me asking?

    @23 I made a threat real and upgraded junk and that’s not dandruff something’s terribly wrong with your eyes!

  12. @28 You don’t NEED more then the date but it’d just be nice I think. somecallmejim agrees in #7 too πŸ™‚

    I was referring to a hosted one, not on wp.com. No idea how it works over there if you are using wp.com.

  13. http://willvideoforfood.com/2007/11/10/must-read-blogs-websites-on-online-video/#comment-46344

    Saw this link on my RSS feed the text was all in russian. I ran translate on the text and it was just gobbletigook. When I clicked the link WVFF came up and then my browser started to spawn and spawn and spawn and ….

    I couldn’t get ahead of it so I had to hard reboot my system.

    After that the only other time I came here the same thing happened.

    I have run every virus scan that I have as well as combofix and a couple other things and am confident that my box is okay. I don’t know how someone could add an active exploit to your site but I suspected that’s what happened.

    I figured that you saw it and that was why the site was stagnent.

  14. @29 you still have to ask Kevin and even if he says yes, the template is copyrighted, the author would have to give permission. I’m not trying to dissuade you or give you a hard time, it’s just this lawyer friendly world!

    @30 sorry that happen. I know what a pain it is. If it happens again don’t be shy, say something right away. Wondering… were both times through the RSS Feed? You won’t believe the amount of spam this site gets hit with and since Thanksgiving, on both the blog and forum, it’s been almost unmanageable. Perhaps some new laws take effect on the1st…The upgrade here and lock down on the forum should quiet things down soon. In the whole process we only lost one actual posters comment, that’s pretty good when you think about all the junk that’s seeped though over the years. BTW – What virus program are you using?

    I see the Russian, right now it’s harmless, perhaps the upgrade removed the harmful elements, I’ll leave it up so people can see what you are talking about. It’s a constant battle against these guys. Frankly, I don’t know why they bother, does any one ever click on their posts?

  15. @33 jischinger, I really don’t think the author will care & I’m not going to contact him. I really don’t think editing a little bit of publicly viewable php code is copyright violation. You aren’t trying to sell it or anything. You can contact him if you like. I gave you everything you need to know to edit the file πŸ™‚

    As for Kevin, if you read this, consider this the asking πŸ™‚

    I’m simply trying to make this a more useful place for people. Knowing what time of day would be a lot more useful then just knowing all the comments came on dec 29th or 28th.

    *Shrug* forget I asked lol.

  16. At first I thought it was MDJ posting a novella translated into Russian. LOL But it made less sense that his normal rantings

    Kidding James! ;p

    I was afraid to come back because if it was an exploit they usually contain something noxious. Believe it or don’t I didn’t know you were the Sysop. I will just twitter you in the future. I run Kaspersky right now. I decide on AV software yearly, I have a whole rant on that alone. But I back it up with regular looks at my MSCONFIG, Regedit, rootkit revealer, hijack this and Combofix, yada yada yada! Yes I am paranoid!

    It was funny, as soon as it opened the page, tabs started to appear until it hit the limit and then it would spawn a new window. Looked like a classic exploit that tries to overload the browser and gain access to the OS. I am a firm believer in the latest greatest software available to stop that crap in its tracks. There are so many hacks out there and more every day.

  17. @34 ok

    @35 I use AV and it won’t even allow such pages to load, best I’ve found yet. I have several things running and watching, but I’m glad you mentioned this, it’s a reminder to back up and update everything. btw, I’m not the sysop. The sysop is bigger, meaner and works for homeland security.

  18. @39 I did it all for you, just you.

    @40 when in 90 or100 years you come out of the operating room, after having a tipple bypass I want to be the first at your bed side to say, “Wow Zack you look Fantastic!” I know that makes no sense, but it had to be said none-the-less. this one’s for you [click]

    @42 I just had cat for dinner, sure. why not.

    Say, anyone see Nalts?
    Looks like he’s out pranking people again, better watch your back and the tops of doors.

  19. What is all this talk of mdj’s blog and russian whores? man, I was really out of touch last week when I was in sunny phoenix, arizona, walking around in my shorts and flip flops and getting a tan by the pool.

  20. It’s been a weird week for me, too. The ex-wife of my homeless attorney (who I’d never met and vaguely knew of) emailed me. Then, the sister of a kid I used to play with in Gilman, Colorado back in 1964 (he died from a snow cave-in in ’65) emailed me. Then my old red haired rodeo girlfriend from 1971 emailed me. Far as I knew, these people were dead decades ago. Weird.

    Then I hear that Willvideoforfood became a site of all marquisdejolie blog posts for an hour. Weirdness.

  21. @50

    Nostradamus 2012, baby! The Aztec temples are finally going to turn into the trans-dimensional spaceships from the last Indiana Jones film, and we’re going to be wiped out, a la The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    ..or the alternative is that I just watch way too many movies.

  22. They’re probably too ugly to get a date anywhere else in the universe. Me? I’m looking forward to a little Venusian intercourse.
    Want a real X file? Keven commented on my latest video. How did he find himself there when he can’t even find his own blog?

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