Project for Awesomeness Helps End World Suck: YouTube Features Nerdfighters

Project Awesome gets recognized by YouTube editorsThe Vlogbrothers (Hank and John) helped orchestrate another “Project Awesome,” and I’m sad I missed participating. This thumbnail collection (right) is a collection of “Project 4 Awesome” videos, which are featured on YouTube’s homepage. Individual creators recognized a charity of their choice to help “end world suck.”

While I’m glad to see YouTube editors recognize this powerful grassroots movement, I’m far more struck by the image I saw 2 days ago. The most popular and highest-rated videos of December 18 were those created as part of this program. 

The brothers didn’t need to feature the already popular Julia Nunes (Jaaaaaaa), but her “P4A/Office/Lupus” video was one of my favorites. First, I’m a huge fan. Second, you can see her sincerity and humility about asking viewers to help the Lupus foundation, even though a family member has Lupus. Third, she opens with the theme for my favorite television show since 1893 when TVs were invented. She’s going to knit a hat for the highest bidder on eBay (I awakened this morning, and grabbed my laptop, coffee and credit card… but alas, the bidding at $800 is past the Nalts price range). 

John and Hank aren’t just interesting video creators, but very purposeful, intelligent and passionate. John’s an author, Hank a musician and more. And their viewers, who proudly call themselves “nerdfighters,” rally not just around the brothers, but around the values they share… ending world suck and all.

Folks, this is social media at its finest, and so far from self promotion known by many on YouTube (including myself). However it makes these creators and channels more appealing. For instance, I’ve seen the Elevator Show and met Woody, but his appeal for MS made me realize he’s not just funny- but he has a heart. It prompted me to watch about 10 episodes of his show that I hadn’t yet seen.

It will be interesting to see how the “grazers” of YouTube (those who surf specific videos or scan the homepage) will respond… will they roll their eyes and return to hot babes and cats? Or will they help the Nerdfighters grow the army of awesomeness? 

Two closing thoughts:

  1. There’s a lesson here. Sincerity is contagious as negativity. 
  2. Kudos to this group, and those who participated by making videos or helping rate them to the top for greater awareness! Sorry I was not among you this year. Seems Alan forgot to remind me. 😉



11 Replies to “Project for Awesomeness Helps End World Suck: YouTube Features Nerdfighters”

  1. For once in two and a half years, I can say that I actually agree with YouTube’s featuring decisions.

    It’s seriously inspirational. I wanted to do a video myself, but my computer has been going on the fritz. I’m glad that all these great causes got exposure.

    John and Hank, if you read this – keep up the good work.

  2. This post puts me in an impossible position. How can I possibly make a snotty remark in response?? Geez Kevie, sometimes you annoy me to no end.

    HA! Did it.

  3. I can’t watch this at work, but I’ll be sure to watch it as soon as I get home. I have almost caught up to all of my holiday preparations, except that I still have to wrap many presents.

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