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Daisy Whitney provides a “New Media Minute” (TVWeek) that excites me about a day when I watch a video, and I’m offered a “viewers who liked x also liked y.” It works on to increase purchases by existing customers, and it can enhance the video-viewing experience. This functionality is available to those who customize their YouTube homepage, and could be something that helps (with its diverse portfolio of shows) move audiences from one show to a related one. These kinds of user-experience services will make online-video average sessions longer, and more satisfying.

In this episode (embedded below), you’ll see a snipet of YouTube filmmaker Chuck Potter, whose “I Want My Three Minutes Back” should be mandatory viewing for aspiring video creators. It takes the journey into the transformation of several YouTube creators like myself. I learned a lot about the personal and professional challenges of “surviving” on YouTube, and a bit about myself. Potter is shopping the film to film festivals, and I hope he’ll one day offer “chunks” of it on YouTube and perhaps a DVD.

Potter’s primary ingredients for success: Find a niche, and remain persistent. Persistence is the key ingredient, and that requires following one’s creative impulse, responding to the audience preferences, and constant “Madonna-like” reinvention.

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  1. I find the Recommended Videos on YouTube to be deeply problematic. When I had it on my homepage by day it would show 2Girls1Cup parody/reaction videos, and by night it would have Jazz performances (Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, etc.) I loved the Jazz, the other – not so much.

  2. God, I hate recommendations! I actually laugh at Amazon’s choices for me. “People who bought this also purchased…” ARrrrgh!!!

    Related items, videos…I can deal with, but please have it be related to the thing/item I searched for originally!

    @2 He used this video cause his name was dropped in it. We should have known! Seesh!


  3. Enough with Daisy Whitney already!!! We know you have a crush on her! I, like sukatra, no longer read posts with her name in them. So I don’t even know what this post is about. And I don’t care. 🙁

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