Google Doesn’t Heart Mac Users

Alright, Google. I realize that Chrome development was non trivial. I read your entire cartoon about what Chrome does, and I’m sure making it work on Mac is no easy feat (not to mention that Mac users are a small segment relative to PC). But now a YouTube widget that works on Linux and PCs, not not Mac?

Your most progressive tech users are often Mac addicts. And certainly the portion of YouTube creators that use Macs is far higher than the percentage of Mac users on the planet Earth.

Show us some love, Google. We’re Mac and we’ll find other tools if Google can’t serve us.

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  1. I use chrome only because IE is currently messed up as my second browser and I don’t love MS enough to fix it other than updates.

    Chrome’s not that great, but it’s simple, you have to be careful because it has a keylogger and sends all information directly Google as you TYPE so you have to turn off that switch.

    [click] to see the article.

    As a browser it still needs work, skins and a few more features.

  2. Chrome may well have been developed on Linux. It’s well known that Google servers run Linux. I’m not surprised they put out a widget for Linux– it’s probably what the developers are using.

  3. I’ve used Chrome and it is OK, but I still prefer Firefox. Haven’t used IE in years, and will never go back to it, unless MS makes a lot of improvements. I really like the infinite ways you can customize Firefox.

    As for Mac vs. PC: Mac users count for somewhere between 2% and 16% of all users (depending on whose statistics you believe), so I can imagine that a lot of developers just don’t want to be bothered by such a small market share. And who could blame them?

    I have used both and prefer a PC. But that’s what I am more used to. Mostly, I hate not being able to right-click. 🙂

  4. I run linux for my non-video stuff (would be everything, but I got some good laptops for free that ran windows). I have google desktop installed from the repository.

    What I want to know is why the expletive it hasn’t been updated since version 1.whatever I have.

    that said.

    You get a bunch of stuff that mac users and linux users don’t ever get, viri! (plural of virus).

    I would bet that it’s a lot higher than 2%, probably a bit above the 20% mark.
    what I mean by that is that of all the computers currently used less than 80% of them run windows. I would put the mac % at around 17-19 %. The remaining percentage is the unix-like stuff.

  5. Apple may have only a minor percentage of the market now, but their ground roots efforts are paying off. The current generation of college kids worship mac, and they are bringing this love to the workplace. My office is 100% PC, but now one of the SOB’s (son of boss) is graduating and coming into the company. After a couple of years of recommending the switch I’m getting a Mac to handle my marketing projects based on his experience.
    And lets not forget all things COOL, which one of you out there has a Zune or didn’t drool over the iphone?

  6. @10: I have a Zune, as does my son. We love them. I do not have any desire for an iPhone. I don’t feel the need to be that connected 24/7 that I need a smart phone. And if I did, I’d get the new Blackberry Storm, which at least has Verizon as it’s carrier.

  7. How many of you are out there? 16%-20%
    Apple has courted a younger more hip generation with its smart ad campaign and cutting edge peripheral gagets. many of these kids see Apple as the standard, or at the very least an equal. And come on, do you REALLY think RIM would have dedicated the engineering and production costs to the Storm if the iphone wasn’t eating their lunch. Our Canadian friend would be happy if they never had to add the camera!
    And unfortunately I do have to stay connected. Not because my job is important, but I’m in sales and I hate to lose one because the customer couldn’t reach me. I also trave a lot so the GPS feature gets me all excited!

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