1. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggoneit, people, they…..doggoneit….

    Ah, who am I kidding. I’m a total and complete failure. A waste of human tissue. A disgrace to our species! Someone vote me off the island right now!

  2. I just saw Bill O’Reilly call anyone who watches the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video a pinhead. He played the video full screen for 30 seconds. Geez. Wish he’d call one of MY video stoopid and run it on national TV full screen!

  3. @15

    Bill O’Reilly thinks everyone’s a pinhead. One day your day in the light will come…

    Personally, I think your stuff would mesh with the Colbert Report a little better though πŸ˜‰

  4. @17
    Actually, the segment is entitled “Pinheads and Patriots.”

    So you think Colbert would be interested in my poetry series, eh? No wait, the train series. Couldn’t be the homeless attorney stuff or the veterans shelter series. Or the cute grandbaby stuff. Must be the swamp series. No, the crack motel stuff. Crack motels are always funny.

  5. It must be GREEEEAAAATTTT to be a partner, huh?? It must be f***in’ fantastic, huh? HUH? WELL, SOME OF US CAN’T GET IN THE PARTNERS PROGRAM!!! IT DOESN’T FEEL THAT GREAT!

    It is kind of funny that they’ve rejected me 9 times, though, isn’t it?

  6. You gots to get more creative wit’ yo promotion, Reubs! Get stuff out there on forums, fark, ebaums, digg, etc.

    You can’t be a partner when you average a couple hundred views per video… I’d say people don’t want to buy ads on that. Not that you aren’t good (and not that it even matters!), just put yourself out there more.

  7. @27

    I actually did try to create myself a wikipedia page 2 days ago. Those nerdy moderators took it down in less than 3 minutes. Haha! Is that a good start?

  8. Reub,

    Forget about Wikipedia. The editors there will never let you in. Heck, an argument over whether Nalts is cool enough breaks out every three days.

    After I upload a video to YouTube, the first thing I do after that is tag it on Digg, Fark, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and a few of the other sites that people frequent looking for new inspiration.

    After that, if the video isn’t a YouTube specific video, I’ll head over to TubeMogul and deploy it to all the related video sharing sites that I can. Usually in the description I throw in a comment that I don’t check this site very often, so please visit my YouTube channel.

    Finally, if I can promote the video through the blogs I visit or twitter, I drop a line there. Sometimes those are better than the StumbleUpons and Diggs out there, because those people actually know me.

    Release one video every day for the next two weeks. For every video, follow these steps. I can guarantee your subscription base will grow.

  9. Great info Jim. I have always cringed a little when I think about trying the shameless self promotion avenue. Funny thinking that way and then putting myself on public display like I do. But a camera and the internets seem a lot different than standing on a street corner screaming for attention, but as it turns out it is quite the same thing.

    Short of setting up something like a lisabot I can’t think of a better approach than what you have outlined.

  10. For the record, Reub and sukatra,

    You both aught to be partners. Lately my videos are barely averaging any views, but YouTube let me have the status.

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been a partner three months now and I’m still not quite to receiving my first adsense check. You’ll never get rich off it.


    You know, I used to feel like I should just sit back and let my video quality speak for itself.

    The I realized if I did that, I’d have no views, and 2 subscribers: both of which being my own sock accounts.

    So I scream from the mountaintops: “Come one, come all! Come and see my mediocre content!”


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