Nice Tips on YouTube Popularity

SomeCallMeJim has some nice tips for becoming popular on YouTube. Isn’t that a funny term? Didn’t you hate “popular” people in school?

Anyway- here it is on his blog called SomeCallMeJim. For the record, I hate to think about how many people have written me and I’ve missed them because they weren’t persistent and I don’t really like to keep on top of e-mail. Glad that didn’t happen to you, Jim.

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18 thoughts on “Nice Tips on YouTube Popularity”

  1. I just want to point out that I’m on Jim’s blog roll and sukatra is not.

    very practical and common sense article a lot of good tips for creators and subscribers, except the haters part. Some haters can help to get you subs, honors and maybe even featured.The day you no longer care about haters is the day you made it on you tube and should be partnered

  2. I agree that becoming a “hater favorite” is a great way to get noticed. Heck, haters are how I found some of my favorite subscriptions. But still, the point was not about enjoying their free exposure, but rather not to waste your time being one. I’ve found some great creators because of haters, but I’ve never subbed to a hater, and I doubt many others do either.

    Good catch though, I’ll add it in. 😀


    Thanks for the shoutout, now you just need to scroll down to your blogroll, click “edit” and punch in my details. 😉 And you might like me now, but wait until you see the script I told you about. Hope you like tutu’s…


  3. But… but… he says to make QUALITY CONTENT. This guy called Nalts told me once that quality content a viral video doth not make. Multiple opinions are making my brain explode. lol

  4. @5

    I think that’s partially true. Technical quality is not all that important. But making a video that’s watchable that people like watching is important. That’s the quality I speak of.

    For example, look at Nalts’ latest video. The camera’s shaking all over the place. He uploaded it in 4:3 aspect despite YouTube’s move to 16:9. The audio is from a crappy camcorder mic. There’s a bunch of camera glare in several shots. It’s just not well produced. This footage would NEVER roll out the doors of a real production studio. The only thing it had going was the cutesy music.

    Despite the fact that the shooting was technically a nightmare, the content, kids and a playful new pet is one of YouTube’s largest niche markets. This video will probably beat out several of his other recent clips in views, despite that it took 1/100th the time to produce and is also 1/100th as “produced”

    Quality content is important. But the quality rests in the content, not the production value.

    But then, there’s no formula for getting popular on YouTube that’s a guarantee. If there were, I’d have Nalts’ #85 spot right now. Consider my advice “proverbs” as opposed to “promises”

  5. Not yet, but with 2100ish subs, I’ve climbed out of the basement, and I plan to increase that number many fold over as soon as possible.

    If my crazy plan works, I’ll write a book. I mean a real book, not the metaphorical books tht are my 3,000 word blogs! 😉

  6. Crap! I didn’t realize this stuff was worth cash!

    Okay, everyone who read my blog, I need you to send me $20 now.


    I like Alan. He’s good people. And one day my subs will surpass his too 😉


  7. @1: Where’s my blog on scmj’s page? Just because I haven’t updated it since summer is no excuse not to include a WVFF regular like me. I am hurt.

    @13: We don’t THINK you are the mean one on this blog, we KNOW it. Seriously; have you ever made a pleasant comment? 😉

    @10: It’s because you fart and poop in your videos.

  8. @14

    It could also be because my blog is a baby. It was born in August, but I didn’t do much with it until I hit this period of time I like to call my “notmakingmoney period”


  9. Jim makes good points, but I will say this:

    We need more ’70s rockstar attitude in this world. People who don’t want to be famous, yet can’t help it. They’re just so damn good there is nothing they can do about it as long as they continue indulging their artistry.

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