I Smell Mean Kitty’s Litter Tray

Okay- I can respect the fact that MrSafety (SMPFilms) has the “top favorited” animal video in history (Mean Kitty). People love cats and rap songs, so the video deserves some love (even if 9 million of the 12 million views are from the same IP address, that happens to belong to MrSafety’s mom).

Don’t get me wrong- it’s not surprising that Mean Kitty’s spinoff channel has attracted a decent following. But the moment Mean Kitty’s channel passes me on YouTube’s most-subscribed list, I think I’m going to have to either go dark or light myself on fire in public.

It’s been a while since I’ve worried about who passed me or who I’ve passed on YouTube’s most-subscribed list. It’s not a very healthy well to evaluate one’s self worth. But as the 85th most subscribed YouTuber I’m going to have to pull a serious stunt to keep from smelling Mean Kitty’s ammonia-scented ass, and even falling off YouTube’s top 100 list.

Any suggestions? Preferably something that doesn’t involve a lot of time or showing my boobs.

I take some solace knowing that I’m still the 12th most viewed YouTube comedian (after KevJumba), and will happily drop when MediocreFilms passes me. It should.

But a relatively new channel about a catrivaling several years and 700 plus videos? Nooooooo! And it doesn’t make it any easier that Cory has left me voicemails taunting this very, very sad reality.

I think I’m about 4 minutes away from a YouTube Reviewedwhere are they now?” post.

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17 Replies to “I Smell Mean Kitty’s Litter Tray”

  1. If you light yourself on fire, I’ll pledge to shamelessly promote your videos and website in every one or my videos for a year.
    (too bad I don’t make more videos)

    How about a war movie re-enactment with the kids?
    Farting in Public on tour across the country?

  2. You’ve been due a Spencer video for awhile. You need more public pranks. Or, you just need to more animal videos.

    By the way folks, Nalts took time out to taunt me via e-mail when his Skunk video was above my The Dogs episode 6 video on the top-rated Pets and Animals videos for the day. However, within a week, my Dogs video was the top-rated Pets and Animals for the entire week, beating out Nalts’ skunk video.

    Two lessons can be learned from this. One…Cory’s taunts do not matter because one day something of yours will outperform something of his for a day, week, or month. Two…you shouldn’t taunt YouTubers who do not typically do as well as you do.

  3. Well, here’s my suggestion for instant fame, Nalts.


    You can kill me off if you want. The kids will love it. That will probably be the only way for anybody to pay attention to me.

  4. Oh yeah @2

    a while back Nalts sent me an email with a link to a video of a pack of dogs getting hit by a car, and a link to a cute dog video contest or something. True story. Beat that, pal!

  5. Okay- first of all, Zack, I called you because my worst-ever animal video (I thankfully can’t recall the subject) was trumping your funny video.

    And Nutcheese- babysitterofnalts told me Triscuit had a trick where he chased the windshields. So we left the kids a home, and drove around trying to get some footage. A big NUTHING. Then I tried to get the cat to eat Katie’s new canary. Nothing.

  6. While we’re on the subject of pets and animals, Nalts reminds me of my cat Egon. Sometimes Otto beats up Egon, so Egon gets angry and beats up our chihuahua Izzy just to prove to himself that he’s still tough. So obviously, Cory is in Otto’s role, and I’m poor little Izzy.

  7. Well, if you’re just gonna be a whore for views, the spencer videos are always good. I personally don’t like them that much because half the time I can’t hear what he’s saying.

    Or you could run over a weiner dog. Or better yet, throw one off a cliff.

    I’m going to hell for that comment.

  8. Your other option: make a video with my kid where he makes his new specialty dish – a jam sandwich with salt and pepper on it. Then each of you eat half. He will be in heaven, you will be throwing up.

    By the way, he doesn’t mix the salt and pepper into the jam. No, that would be gauche. He puts the salt and pepper on TOP of the sandwich.

  9. Animals are like the Jonas brothers: 13 year old girls love them. Want proof? My all time most-viewed video with over half a million hits was about a baby goat being born. Not too shabby for a guy who averages under 1000 hits per video. If you want to get popular, feature some adorable animal.

    Kevin, I’m actually eyeing that #85 spot myself. I have some hope: In several months, kicesie has yet to surpass you despite her content and…other assets. If you can hold that 85 spot, why one day even a talentless schlubb like me might make it there! 😀

  10. Clearly you need to do your own animal rap video and give it its own spin off channel. Perhaps some kind of diabolical shetland pony, or a poodle that “went postal” after being throw into one too many of Paris Hilton’s handbags?

  11. we’re talking just views right?

    animals and kids, kids and animals.
    kid hugs animal, animal licks kid’s face.
    animal scratches kid, kid cries swats at animal
    kid and animal both fart, kid and animal laugh, make up.
    – the end

  12. @1: I agree. I LOVED Mall Pranks; it still rated as my favorite Nalts video. The Spencer videos get a lot of views, and I like them, but they are not my faves. I think you do best when performing pranks.

  13. @ 10

    Um, hows about NO MORE WIENER DOG HURTING EVER AGAIN! That was NEVER funny, and I still don’t understand it. That was my least favorite era of Nalts, seeing as I have a beloved Wiener dog named Caedo. If you bring back the whole hurting Wiener dog shtick, just keep in mind that my mouse will be hovering over the unsubscribe button the entire time

    Cats and hamsters are still fair play, though.

  14. I totally wanna get Spencer back. I think he’s outgrown me some. I left him messages to see if he’d do “Nose Picking in Public” but no response. 🙁

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