If Wikipedia Deletes You, Do You Cease to Exist?

It seems there’s controversy brewing around a Wikipedia page about Nalts (me). It’s subject for deletion, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the drama is about. A floor nickel to whoever figures it out.

And if it goes away, must I retire? Or do I secretly create a new name and start over?



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  1. Your wikipedia page pisses me off, man! They always delete the picture of you I put up with the marker in your nose, and replace it with that awful “humble” picture of you where you look like a fat guy, and now this?? Believe me, though, I already wrote some very mean things to the moderators on the discussion page in your favor under the identity of “Paultheairplane”. That’s my troll name.

    Somehow, they haven’t taken off “Andy Dick” from the list of people who have been in your videos. I put that up as a joke. Has he been in a video? I haven’t watched all of them.

  2. Oooh, take a look at that. One of the fancy shmancy moderators had something to say about my opinion on the talk page.

    “Welcome to Wikipedia. Although everyone is welcome to contribute constructively to the encyclopedia, we would like to remind you not to attack other editors, as you did on Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Kevin Nalty (2nd nomination). Please comment on the contributions and not the contributors. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. Thank you. Qqqqqq (talk) 00:45, 24 November 2008 (UTC)”

    Gah! I hate Wikipedia!

  3. Once Wikipedia deletes you, you are no longer relevant. Sorry, Kevin, but that’s the rule on the Interwebs.

  4. I think the people over at wikipedia are meany butts if they delete your page. I’ve been looking over the page and I dont see really any Point of view problems. MAYBE IF THEY WOULD TELL US then we might be able to figure it out.

  5. @6

    Our only relevance is in the fact that we’re associated with Nalts. If he falls off Wikipedia, we all may as well throw ourselves in front of a bus.

    And Kevin may not be the most popular guy on wikipedia, but he’s at least as well known, if not moreso than Gene Ray of the Time Cube website (click for wiki).

    Nobody is arguing that the time cube should be eliminated from Wikipedia, why is Nalts under attack? I can tell you why: he’s popular, and popular people get noticed. Popular people are also supposed to be on Wikipedia.

    I want on Wikipedia. Quick, someone make me a page!

  6. I’ll tell you what is generating all the controversy. Most of the wikipedia editors wear pocket protectors, black glasses with tape on them, and flood pants. And white tube socks with black wingtip shoes. Plus they spit when they talk, they have cowlicks like Alfalfa and they can’t get a date. And the more controversy that is created, the more frequently they can get a woody and jerk off.

    So basically, they’re all a bunch of horny self-important nerds with sticky keyboards.

  7. Argument made.

    Some people have too much time and hate on their hands to go around requesting the deletion of things for reasons they do before they make the slightest modicum of inquiry. It’s just lazy investigation.

    If you’re going around requesting someone’s wiki page be deleted one would expect such a person be at least PROFESSIONAL enough to do a little research and verify the information in question using at minimum Google to aid in verification, perhaps send out an e-mail or two, or ask a few users on this blog to take a moment of their precious and busy time to update or contribute. The IRS provides better investigative services than this.

    Just because wiki doesn’t pay people to do this doesn’t obscure the responsibility to the process; beyond the minimum requirements.

    I’m not a gate keeper for the wiki page, but IMO Kevin has contributed enough in cyberspace and 2.0 to at least render one.

    The fact that some unknown person out of the blue started this page, with good reason and intentions makes it worth noting. At last for wikipedia; which suffers from it’s own validity and those who apparently participate in its upkeep.

    I call into question the intentions and background of ‘people’ who requested the page’s deletion, including their life history and biographies. If these ‘people’ are going to be the judge and jury then I would like to see a trail of their accomplishments and professional standing within the wiki and the real life community of nations.

    I hear by vote that if these two ‘people’ accomplish the deletion of the Nalts wiki page, forcing said Kevin “Nalts” Nalty into early retirement, that he is well compensated off the backs of all their future labors. Anyone Second?

    Honestly, GALB!

  8. “This article was nominated for deletion on 19 November 2008 (UTC). The result of the discussion was keep.”

    If your youtube fans keep trying to edit your page, people may indeed get pissed off.

    It’s an online encylopedia, not 4chan, people. Living persons need to meet a “notability” requirement. And what’s with the nerd bashing? Have any of you ever met an encylopedia editor? Do you doubt they’re a different kind of nerd?

    I’m bored with Nalts fans already.

  9. @17

    Richard, first of all, thanks for being part of Wikipedia. I think even the folks who made the comments you allude to recognize that wikipedia is an exceptional source of info, and it’s because of the editors. Nobody argues that.

    You seem like a decent person, though possibly a little too eager to jump to conclusions. I’d ask that before you assume the worst, maybe stick around to see what we’re really like. You might be surprised.



    Thanks for that. You got me good. So good, I actually was inspired to put together a little video, just for you. (Click)

  10. Oh, good Lord, I can’t believe anybody took me seriously. I’m the biggest geek around. You should have seen the pants I wore to the store today.

  11. @22

    We’re all geeks and nerds here. For crying out loud, we’re conversing on a blog about online videos. If you’re not a geek, you don’t belong! Wikipedia editors are practically our blood relatives.

    True story: In high school, I opted out of after-school sports, and instead I was a member of the computer, chess, and Bible clubs. I once got my folks to excuse me from school early so I could go to the Star Trek convention and wait in line to get James Doohan and Leonard Nemoy’s autographs. I can virtually quote Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail from start to finish, as well as the dead parrot and spam sketches. If I weren’t dirt floor poor, I would own a segway. No sukatra, no Richard, the truth is that nobody can claim bigger geekhood than I.

    @21. You caught me. I’m so sorry. Here’s my apology video: (click)

  12. Look Mr. Walker may I remind you what is on the very front page of Wikipedia?

    “Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that ANYONE CAN EDIT”

    In regards to โ€œnotabilityโ€ there’s no doubt Kevin Nalty is notable. Perhaps, you and a few others may disagree, but the millions of viewers who have seen his videos, read his book, read his blog and continue to discover his work will surely disagree with you.

    Now please tell us why you decided to come here and express your opinion? Is it because you fancy yourself as a serious notable editor? Or is it because you have nothing better to do?

    As an ANYONE editor on Wikipedia, and I’ve edited my share, I have added a new topic to the Natls Wikipedia page as well as a new page link to CUBEbreak. ANYONE want to jump in and lend an honest hand? Feel free.

  13. @23

    The only reason you could possibly pwn me in geekyness is because you’ve had time to do more geeky stuff than I have. Have you made your own robot? Huh? That’s right, hand over that title.

    Oh, and don’t even try to tinyurl that rickroll.

  14. @10 is my favorite comment on here.

    Hm. See you in an hour and a half, I suppose. What’s up your sleeve for today?

  15. I think the point that Mr. Richard Walker missed about why we bash Wikipedia editors is not because they are nerds, but in fact because all of them are arrogant self-important pricks who delete every picture or paragraph most of us ever try to include on Wikipedia, and run around posting half-baked reasons for doing so.

    Thank you and good night. Merry Christmas, Mr. Walker.

  16. @28

    Actually, in my sophmore year in the computer club, I not only built a robot, but also a helmet you could wear on your head that would control said robot using a simple ball bearing in a track that sent a signal to our robot’s “brain” (an Apple IIe) to navigate it. Best part, it would save the track information so for example if you went through an obstacle course, the robot rould “remember” how to navigate it the second time on it’s own. I actually won the presidential science award for the concept.

    Hmmm…I have a video tape of that thing someplace. I should put it on YouTube. Other geeks out there might enjoy it.

    So, yeah, the geek factor is still strong with me. The only thing I really have against me is that I’m married. Interacting with a woman is almost an automatic withdrawal from Geekdom. Of course my saving grace there is that we met online.

  17. @23 & @25:
    I have been to several Star Trek conventions.

    I teach computer classes.

    Both of my sons are computer science majors in college. We talk about things like CSS and XML for fun. We loved the rickroll in the parade. We talk about things no one else understands.

    I own all 3 seasons of Star Trek:TOS on DVD, as well as Firefly, X Files, Battlestar Galactica (old and new), and several other sci-fi shows.

    I was a band geek in high school.

    I have built a computer from scratch.

    I visit this blog regularly.

    But most importantly, I am PROUD of all of this.

    I am truly a geek.

  18. Oh and before you revoke my membership I’m a technology support specialist, next generation was the best of the star treks, and I like you don’t understand the self importance some people associate with themselves and their roles on the internet.

  19. @Matt

    I liked The Next Generation, but the original series was always closest to my heart. I could have lived without DS9 and much of Voyager, but I found “Enterprise” to be intriguing, interestingly enough.

    I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to enjoy the new Star Trek movie, or if I’m going to be dragged out of the theater by security guards because I can’t quit screaming “apostasy! Apostasy!” at the top of my lungs.

    We’ll just wait and see.

  20. Listen, the reason for the threatened deletion was questions about impartiality. I can see where that charge comes from, and it has nothing to do with pocket protectors. The Nalts wikipedia entry reads like a puff piece. It really doesn’t seem at all impartial. It is list after list of honors, recognitions, and accomplishments, with very little analysis or perspective.

    For instance, the wiki doesn’t mention that Nalts has been involved in a number of YouTube controversies (I seem to remember a wiener dog and a kid with cancer, walking on graves, and a none too flattering piece on Roger the Boring Dispatcher after his death). In most cases, Nalts took down offending videos when informed that they bothered someone, but often not until there was a bit of an uproar.

    An impartial analysis of the situation would point out that to have outrageous humor, or even funny humor, you have to be willing to offend someone. In the endeavor to be funny or even outrageous, a content creator must continually walk that thin, invisible line between slightly naughty and just plain over-the-top. Often it’s only by test-marketing, or in YouTube terms, “publishing,” a video that you can determine how an audience is going to react. Nalts himself admitted in a recent blog post here that he doesn’t get why some of his videos are popular and others, often his faves, are not.

    Other areas of controversy or possible criticism are the liberty with which Nalts uses his minor children in a public forum; the incident (largely hushed up now) in which a dangerous act of vandalism was committed on a Nalts automobile – possibly by another YouTuber (Nalts, delete me if I’m going too far – or let me make a fool of myself, if I’ve been pranked); and the criticisms by some in the amateur community that Nalts is a self-promoting attention whore.

    I think a bit of psychological analysis would also make the Wiki article more impartial. It has been frequently suggested that Nalts’ kids will need therapy as a result of their freewheeling father’s antics. What was Nalts’ relationship with his own father like? What sort of man employed in corporate America would shave his head for a gag? What sort of person, already suffering from orthopedic ailments, continues to take harmful pratfalls for a laugh? I mean, how insecure is THAT?

    What is the intersection between Nalts’ business existence and his comedy existence? Does he ever pull stunts at work? An interview with a past or present co-worker would be relevant. (Comments from high school teachers would also be useful – somebody contact Brother of Nalts to facilitate this.) To me, one of the most interesting aspects of Nalts is how he uses his business acumen in the amateur video world, for instance the buffoonery of dragging a giant Mentos roll into a theater as an example of product placement – or the infamous Nalts coffee mug and baseball cap, as examples of branding.

    To illustrate key points, links to YouTube videos should be cited, but the auteur has to agree not to move his videos around all the time or the links will be continually broken. I’m not sure if his ADHD will make this suggestion feasible.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I heard on Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” today that Woody Allen considered himself a failure at age 40 when he made the film “Annie Hall,” which of course was an enormous success that won multiple Academy Awards. Maybe 40 is a watershed year for a born goofball. Are you listening, Nalts?

  21. @38Matt
    No you are not, Matt. In high school, I was a shortstop and mile runner (as well as being president of the school chess club and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper). Presidential Sports Award in Taekwondo in the military (as well as being editor-in-chief of a brigade newspaper). Second base man during university (as well as being editor-in-chief of the university newspaper).

    I mention this in case someone wants to Wikipedia me as a piney Woods documentarian. Hahaha.

  22. “Listen, the reason for the threatened deletion was questions about impartiality”

    that’s not what I read, it was weather Kevin was “notable” or notable enough to be award a wiki page. My argument is in the discussion.

    All that other stuff you cited, sounds a little judgmental to me, but hey, if you feel it’s imperative or whatever blows your dress up, go for it! It’s Wikipedia, anyone can edit! (page needs more stuff anyways) The wiki is what ever you want it to be. Join the wiki, add away, have fun with the dinglebots and analretentives.

    btw, the article for deletion notice that was on the front page is GONE!

    So it would seem Kevin is now High and Mighty and Wiki Worthy and no longer needs to retire until he’s dead… the price of fame

    Now, for some real important news, I bought socks!

  23. @43DahliaK
    A think piece. Hmmm. Yeah, I’ve been made to feel like a goober from a Nalts prank. I didn’t like the feeling. Who likes to be gooberized? A gooberfied viewer loses trust. That’s why ALL my stuff is nonfiction. My viewers can trust that what I show is what I see, feel and think, be it sublime or goofy.

    I think it was just a phase with Kevin. He was led astray by folks who like to create drama for its shock value, people who don’t give a damn about integrity, people who are not creative enough to see the real dramas in real lives and have to make shit up to have something to say.

    I repeat: people who HAVE to make up shit to have ANYTHING to say.

  24. @38, @39, & @40:

    I have enjoyed pretty much every Trek permutation. but TOS is still my favorite. I, too, found Enterprises interesting.

    I for got to mention that my cats are named Kirk and Spock.

    I did play softball for a couple of years after college, but it was a bar league; does that count?

  25. @46

    What kind of socks? What color were they? Where did you get them? How many pairs did you buy? How much did you pay for them? Were they 100 percent cotton or a cotton blend? Were they dress socks or casual socks? Can you wear them with shorts and tennis shoes without looking like a dork? If they’re dress socks, will you wear them with wing tips or flats?

  26. mdj – I thought Kevin’s pranks were harmless and most of them were pretty good. As for the kids, how many times have I read people begging Nalts to adopt them or express wishes he were their dad

    The answer to the question is some people have way too much free time and no life so they spend an inordinate amount deleting arbitrary wiki entries or put pictures up that make themselves feel better. The world can get pretty ugly and more so from people who are ugly on the inside. Let me preface that with, there are also some good and upright people who spend an inordinate amount time cleaning things up on the wiki too ๐Ÿ™‚ like everything in life you got your good guys and your jerks.

    You should have a wiki page, go make you one!
    Tho I got to admit, most of your stuff is way too depressing for me, and as real as it may be for you and many all over the world, I just can’t look at it all day then come home and watch it at night. We’re officially in a Recession, just on the brink of a Depression and I think people will become more sympathetic, but not sure they will do much about it. Those 3 minutes may start to count more than ever now. The word depression to me means not enough love, least the people suffering through it don’t seem to feel enough of it. I’m pretty sure if we all cared about each other a little more we might just avoid what they keep telling us is right around the corner. I believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride.. j/k bitches! (only about the last part)

  27. To Mr. Walker,
    I think that is quite a high bar you’ve set there. For us to be entertaining to an Encyclopedia editor. I don’t know how we can live up to such lofty standards, next thing you know we’ll have to measure up to librarians and night watchmen. Where will it end?

    Hey Kevin! I think it’s the picture on the Wiki. Try making something professorial, you know, sitting in a wing back chair a in front of a fireplace smoking a pipe .

  28. @52 & 54
    Hey, I passed out after that last rant, and the imagined fear of being bludgeoned to death with a dictionary invaded all my dream, but on to more important things…

    the socks are from soxland, New York, black rayon spandex poly mix
    3 pack, cost roughly nine bucks. I don’t know from dress or casual perhaps both, they cover my feet and fit in my shoes. Nothing I wear ever looks dork or dork-like, but that topic is of course subjective. I purchased them from some nondescript underwear vendor at the mall. I never patronize Wal-Mart unless forced by gun point.

    @56 nah, I’m pretty sure we’re on the same planet. Just a bad joke that apparently went over badly

    @58 read the comment on the complaint.
    “I have great admiration for Kevin Nalty as a video youtuber, he is funny and talented. I am confused though why he would be listed in Wikipedia, which I felt was reserved for living or dead artists, writers, playrites, actors, musicians or anyone with notable achievements that involve publication of works. It took me twenty years to get published by long years of hard work. I do not understand how someone who makes videos on a home camera can be listed as famous on here. Really, Why don’t we just put everyone on Wikipedia as famous”

    It take more than patience to interact on the wiki and to edit more than occasionally I’m pretty sure you’re required to have an OCD. But if you ever suffer sometime during the year it’s a good place to retent.

    Currently, for those interested, I am going back and forth with some guy named “blubberboy92” <—need I say more… over Kevin’s profile picture. I don’t know what this guys problem is, of all the free pictures of Nalts on the net this guy is in love and obsessed with a particularly awful picture of Kevin (you have to go to the wiki page history to see it now). For the record, I have permission to use the photos I’ve uploaded and he is using a Flikr imagine that does not have the subjects release. This is how far and ridiculous the copyright laws and the wiki have become. You might think Viacom suing Google is big news, wait until they start suing Wikipedia. As hard as it is to believe, there just aren’t enough lawyers in the world for that.

  29. @61 why?

    @63 Fine, I don’t want to know anything about me anyway.

    and one more thing, I’m a live and let live sorta person, but all this back and forth wiki BS got me thinking…who do you contact at You Tube and Viacom to report copyright infringement of published works that do not belong to the channel owner?

    why oh why must there always be some hard lessons to be learned – what goes around, comes around. Gage that for yourself, but these sort of things never seem to end nicely. Know what I mean? I hope so.

  30. I wear heavy duty big & tall cotton socks. You can buy them at most retail stores. They’re probably made in a sweatshop somewhere in China. I enjoy their cottony goodness.

    It surprises me how many people assume the road to being “notable” must be the same for everyone. Some people work at it for decades.. For others, one random freak stroke of luck made them overnight celebrities. Notability isn’t determined by how long it takes you to get noticed, but by whether or not you’ve been noticed.

    Oh well, I’m off to buy more socks.

  31. Wikipedia is the “blanket” of insecure people because they have something to toil about and make themselves anonymously famous.
    So if they bang you– just like entering a chat room for lesbians and a man comes in and started to chat and he is banged – there are still other venues to make your life a better one to live.

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