YouTube Live Hangover

YouTube Live Photos by WifeofnaltsI probably had about 4 drinks at YouTube Live (a concert, party and gathering in San Francisco on November 22, 2008). But I’m hungover the same way I was after visiting LA to shoot HBO Lab’s “Hooking Up” and “The Retarded Policeman.”

Here are a few of the photos wifeofnalts took while I was busy gathering video footage. We also summed up our favorite moments in the video below. Jo (wifeofnalts) was rather smitten for Bo Burnham and Chad Hurley (YouTube’s founder). 

San Francisco was unbelievable. It was the first flight my wife and I have taken alone in a decade (before we had our four children). We visited my sister in NAPA, and she joined us at the event to cover it for ABC’s Good Morning America. 

It was great to see YouTube friends, and watch the performances. Now back to the day job! Thanks, Jan, for  the reminder that I’ve neglected our sweet lil’ WVFF tribe. Met fellow tribemate Peter Coffin, who I had the pleasure of hanging with, until they drove us into separate seating areas like cattle. 🙂


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  1. Is the footage of your sister’s coverage of the event anywhere up on the web? I’d like to see her take on it.

    That 4 drink hangover thing started happening with me in my late 20’s. My hangovers would last for, like, 3 days or more. Before then I drank like a fish, but I quit altogether when I was 30 and got a real job with real consequences if I got a DUI.

  2. I had 3 beers, felt no effects, had no hangover. Good to be 24.

    Some drunk chick thought I was 17 at YT Live. I was like “idiot, I have grey hair.” She didn’t notice I called her an idiot.

  3. We had a new teachers party early in the school year and one of the more “mature” teachers got so drunk she barfed. I don’t do that anymore. She may be older than me, but certainly not wiser.

  4. I actually did not take any video. Not even really many photos, either. Just sort of schmoozed and played Guitar Hero World Tour on the drums.

    Rhett & Link were very funny, Reggie Watts blew me the hell away. Couple of other great performances pre-show from people I really didn’t know.

    Didn’t much like the show itself, it had parts that I enjoyed. Bo Burnham being probably the highlight of the evening.

    Honestly, what I did would probably be boring to the average person. I just talked with a bunch of no-name people, watched breakdancers & Parkourers, watched some musical acts, played fake drums, and had a few beers. And I talked to Nalts, who was super cool.

    But I look forward to next year if they extend the pre-show stuff by a few hours. I would have loved to spend all day watching/doing the stuff I did for the 3 hours before the performance.

  5. I’m not going to look at any of the photos or video. I tuned into the live event for about 5 minutes and thought WTF? Looking at your event photos would be like poring over People Magazine’s coverage of the Academy Awards. Big whoopee.

    But I’m glad you and Jo had fun – on someone else’s dime!!

  6. Wow, Nalts! Was Daxflame actually a creepy, weird, borderline psychotic freak in person? Did you want to punch Fred in the face? Did LisaNova use her boobs to get attention, or did she contain herself? And mostly, Did Katy Perry ever confess her secret love of me?

    Well, I hope by this time next year, I’ll have a one hit wonder youtube video, and I’ll attend the second Youtube live and meet everybody. Who knows?? If that happens, everybody here owes me a soda.

  7. Peter, had you ever been to a YouTube gathering before YouTube Live, and if yes how do you think Live compared to the other gatherings you went to?

    I think one of the issues people have with Live was the marketing, billed as more of a gathering than a show I think that was a bit of a misnomer. The actual streamed event was much more of a variety show or a talent showcase than a gathering, and the aspects of the event that were more gathering focused were not part of the streaming. While I’m sure the user videos will show more of a gathering I think the marketing could have been a bit more focused.

  8. I got an email from YouTube about the video I posted from the YT Live show.

    Hi NutCheese,

    Thanks for submitting your videos for revenue sharing. We wanted you to confirm that you own the rights or publicity rights or have explicit permission to commercially use all video material and music, including background music, lyrics, and composition on the following video(s):

    If you do not own all rights or have expressed permission, please state the basis upon which you believe you have a claim to revenue share. Please note that your video will be rejected for revenue sharing if we haven’t heard back from you within 7 business days. Please also note that videos rejected for revenue sharing are rejected from the YouTube site.

    In addition, we would like for you to provide further clarification regarding your claim to all material contained in the above cited video(s) as well as all future submissions. Be specific with regards to any audio, including background music, images and/or video clips from all sources utilized.

    For additional information, please sign in to your account and view the copyright portion of the online tutorial:

    The YouTube Team

    My reply:

    Hey YouTube Team,

    The footage was taken at YouTube Live with the camera that you guys provided. I credited the dancers in the description. The music was from which is licensed under creative commons. I credited him as well.

    Am I not to use any of the footage taken at the YouTube Live event?


    Their reply:

    Hi Kelley,

    It is fine to upload your footage from YouTube Live, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes. Please disable revenue sharing on this video.


    The YouTube Team

    My reply:

    Hey YouTube Team,

    Wow… that really blows. I guess I wont waste my time editing the rest of the footage I took.


    Maybe I should read about copyright rules someday.

  9. I just loved your summary video. XD More people need to post actually entertaining clips! Youtube gatherings are the greatest. I’ve only been to the little NW ones with people about my level, but I’m for sure planing on going to YT live next year!
    I just posted a little 55 sec video up on my channel about YT live, summarizing it and asking what people got from it and what could be better next time. More than a few people I’ve seen said that they had wanted you to do something in the show! haha (would you consider making a response? or just a comment. I’m really interested in what people who were actually there think)

  10. they only had drinks, no food? oh and the dirt, where’s all the dirt?
    That picture of you and Chad Hurley is the worst picture I have ever seen, I’m putting it up on the wiki.

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  12. Wow – Marquis – we just got that letter from upper management at my office – me being over 50, you know I will get SLAPPED, SCREWED and SHAFTED, but I feel like I also get a lot of SHIT.

  13. WVFF gave me hives or was it the sulfa drugs???
    hmmm… my money’s on this blog

    So what for Thanksgiving Dinner Kev, we’re all invited, right?

    I’ll bring the hives, marquis will bring his family, sukatra will bring the demon, what’s everyone else bringing?

  14. I had a great time at YT LIVE and had some amazing people at our flat! Met more amazing people at the event and even got to hang out with Nalts and WifeOfNalts in the parking lot for awhile!

    Kelley had a lot of fun too! I am so happy that she has brought me into this World of whacky and fun people!

    ciao Reynaldo with Love & Peace from San Francisco Baby!

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