See You on YouTube Live

Yeah, so I’ve never been much for live vlogging. Kinda started and killed the thing.

But this sounds like fun… YouTube Live in San Francisco next weekend. There are a bunch of live performances per my promo about it with Chad from Clip Critics.

It’s listed as an entertainment gathering party celebration. So I’m not sure if that means we’ll be talking or listening to music and kinda waving at the camera and each other. Not to be outdone, there’sย another in Tokyo days later.

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  1. Nalts, I think all of us Willvideoforfood regulars deserve to each get mentioned at least once in your montage video about this event when you get done with it. If not that, you should tell the Mythbusters about us.

    Oh! And if you see Fred, tell him that I hate him. I can’t stand that guy.

  2. @Nalts

    Reubnick has it almost right on, except I don’t think it’s an “or” situation. Give us good mention AND send the MythBusters our way. I have a couple questions that I think only Adam and Jamie can answer.


  3. You know, I’m considered doing a “Reubtoob live” on BlogTV next weekend for all of the misfits, and D-listers of youtube who can’t come to this Youtube Live thing because nobody cares about them. So when all of you Naltses, and Peter Coffins, and Renettos of the world are watching Jamie and Adam blow things up, everybody else can watch me draw fake moustashes on my face or something. Nobody would go at all, and it would be entirely pointless, but the name just works so perfectly, I might have to do it.

  4. I’m not jealous or anything I just think it’s creepy stupid, but if you tube is paying for the, air, hotel and shindig go for it! I’d rather have the revenue.

    Any thoughts on the advertising of this thing?
    Is there something we can learn?

  5. YouTube stars without their editing? This is going to be a car crash. Or The Gong Show Live. Or some cable access talk show. The video gave me a headache. I felt like someone had just been screaming at me.

    Have fun at the ARTHUR GODFREY & HIS TALENT SCOUTS show.

  6. The Japanese You Tube Show actually looks cool – they can fly me there, I’ll cover the whole thing!

    I can’t imagine what this one in the SF is going to be like – imagine sitting in the audience having your named called, you stand up, wave and sit back down, feeling like a real douche. What’s worse is having to perform on stage the stuff that’s on your channel.

    Perhaps, my imagination is just too limited here.

    Though I see an interesting video later in the first scenario. ‘Thump Thump, Thump Thump… heart pounding, sweat pouring, room spinning, self falling into a bottomless abyss – suddenly waking up and finding you’re sitting in a chair safe at home thinking, “Whew, I almost went to that thing!” Then it turns out you did and the video of your appearance is all over You Tube with 1000’s of comments and video responses attached all calling you a douche!’

  7. I wonder how many people are going to go that aren’t interested in the YouTube community and are just going to see some of the big name musicians.

  8. @8- rofl. Did hooking up teach us nothing!

    Reubnick- I can’t find your doritos video. Mine is buried.

    Yeah- so I’ll be sure to say hi to my family, my kids, and the WVFF crowd. WAIT- I’ll scratch my chin. That’s my secret hello to y’all. A piece of cheese for whoever gets a screen shot of that… assuming I’m on camera at all.

  9. I don’t know what to expect from this. Probably something like watching the live video from the guest rooms from the ‘gatherings’. I’m baffled how they intend to make this more than a huge voyeuristic event leaving everyone that’s not directly involved feeling completely left out. YT is a inclusive group. This seems to be exclusive.

  10. @Jan

    I mostly agree with you, but I think you’re being a *little* overly negative. Look at all the YouTube gatherings that happen all the time. They’re great. I’ve never been able to afford the trip to one, but I love watching them. Usually during the larger ones the show has a coordinated performance of the stars, just like this one.

    I think the only real difference is that in this one, people are being specifically invited to come, whereas the others to date have been open invites for the most part.

    I agree, I think the online turnout will be lower than they expect, but I don’t see a train wreck. It will probably be a lot of fun, at least for the folks involved.


    Instead of scratching your chin, a better signal would be to bring Chad Hurley out on stage and give him a knee to the gut, just for fun. Then we’d know you care.

  11. My question is, why would I want to watch a video of a party that I was not invited to? Seems a bit narcissistic on the part of the attendees, but I’m not a YT A-lister, so what do I know?

  12. “…youโ€™re being a *little* overly negative. ”

    I thought it might come off that way, a little, but I’ll stand by the scenario I painted above for now. I tend to agree with Jimmersd, but then, like I said it could be my lack of imagination, I mean I don’t get the point of this thing, what are they celebrating? “YOU TUBE, THE PARTY, CAUSE WE CAN!” ???

    And no hard feelings to those going, hey, if You Tube is paying, why not? Nothing wrong with a little perk for making them all that money.

    “Look at all the YouTube gatherings”
    I think the gatherings are different, this is like you tube trying to be like stupid TV. It’s taking something that was fairly unique and making it bend to a Creepy Hollywood Celeb Worshiping Thingy. I’ll stop there about that.

    However, as You Tube opens this latest, albeit weirdo, door that just let’s me know right now someone is coming up with a new and dynamic idea for the future, keep your eyes pealed.

  13. My question is, why would ANYONE want to watch a video of a party that they were not invited to? Seems a bit narcissistic on the part of the attendees, but Iโ€™m not a YT A-lister, so what do I know?

  14. @17

    Hopefully whatever they’re planning will bring in more revenue for partners. Or they can leave the figures the same and just send me about 100,000 subscribers. That would help a great deal.


  15. The event is invite-only, making me curious as to why I am allowed to go.

    Seems like the real big names as well as Katy Perry are going to be on stage.

    I don’t really know what the purpose of this thing is, but I – quite frankly – don’t do much and this seems like something that might be fun.

  16. @22: Hey, if YT was paying for me to go, there is no way I would miss it. I, too, “don’t do much” and would jump at the chance to party in SF.

    That having been said, the part I don’t get is why YT would expect anyone that was NOT invited to want to watch it.

  17. Scratch your chin? Are you serious?! For the WVFF crowd?!! Come on Naltsie! We definitely need something riskier than that! Adjust your balls, give Buckley a dirty sanchez or put both arms in front of you, palms facing each other and thrust them into your groin area while yelling “BOO-YAA” or something! A chin scratch?! LOL, I still can’t believe he said that for the WVFF crowd.

    Yeah, I agree with most of you…the more and more YT becomes commercial, the less interested I become. This whole “Live” thing is like a commercial for me…if I wanted to watch commercials, I’d turn on my TV. I swear it’s showing up on everyones channel like a Geico ad. YT Live this and YT Live that! Even Naltsie is becoming less interactive. More and more on his plate to juggle I presume…too busy trying to sell out, but I don’t blame him. I’m not mad at you buddy, I knew that coming in here. Just don’t forget us when you’re BIG TIME! :o) Is this thing a Flip or YT event?

    Oh yeah, what’s up with the auto-start ads at the end of videos now!? Gawd, I hate that!

  18. I think the point of broadcasting is that 1) they intend to show they can/intend to do live video and 2) will be broadcasting performances by people less awesome than myself.


  19. @ 11

    You can’t find it? Hmm, it’s not really worth it, but I can give the link anyway. (Click). I’m not exactly sure what you mine by “Yours is buried”, but I’m just hoping that means something good.

    And a chin scratch? Seriously? Come on! Hows about a chin scratch, and a “Boo-ya”? Either that, or a chin scratch and a “Subscribe to Reubnick”. I’m sure nobody here would mind.

  20. WAF will be at YouTube Live and I’m gonna dress up as Punchy and knock Fred out. Okay, maybe not, but looking forward to having a wicked awesome time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Nalts:
    Video yourself eating cheese and Twinkies and at YT live and mention each and every one of your regulars here by name; nothing less will be accepted.

  22. @20 so you know how to use a gun, right?
    @22 you go girl!
    @23 free trip to SF 4 TG, I’m there! This will be interesting re: marketing research.
    @25 “scratch chin” didn’t you know Kevin thinks he’s Carol Burnett now.
    @26 agree on both accounts
    @27 I think they kick in after so many views, I remember that upgrade
    @28 ha! love the tags. ya know, since one “popular” person had one of my videos removed for using a little clip I no longer share less asked or begged. See, attitudes trickle down just like Reagan said. What you have to do now is watermark your logo/address through the whole video; least this guy didn’t remove your credits, then create a special private site for full feature. I know guy who only shows you part of the video and to see the rest you have to go to his website, he makes more money there than on You Tube.
    @29 with props comes trouble.
    @30 I promise to watch the whole thing if you promise to do that!
    j/k – don’t you dare hit my hackin’ cuz or I’ll hackin’ hack your channel with hackin’ Fred videos and hackin’ Fred wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @31 you’re just asking for SPAM

    FYI – Free Parking if you get to YT-LIVE early enough!
    You “That’s Class” Tube – keepin’ it real

  23. ^it’s an event and another defining moment for You Tube. I actually expected more reaction, but the night is young and Kevin hasn’t posted anything else.

  24. @32
    “A” gun? Why would anybody only know how to use one gun? I have training in and experience with a wide variety of firearms and weapons systems as well as a presidential sports award in Tae Kwon Do karate.

  25. YouTube has failed in marketing YTLive. I believe that the first rule of marketing is to be sure that your target audience understands what the hell it is that you are selling and how it can affect them. I don’t get this whole YTlive thing.

    Is it their attempt to go BlogTV or Stickam? Is it a one time event to ‘thank’ the community? How about a”YouTubeVloggie Awards”? Or maybe an online version of “Americas Funniest Home Videos” Or is a great big handjob?


  26. @35 all your bragging rights aside… why aren’t you over in DC defending my freedom from tyrants both foreign and Domestic? Call your brothers, lock and load, and get er done!

    @36 guess which one of your choices I agree with?

  27. @37
    Already did that gig while Democrats like Bill Clinton and Jane Fonda were spitting at my brothers, calling us baby killers (the IRONY!) and aiding and abetting all enemies of the U.S. soldier. Rome fell when the Roman govt failed to adequately compensate the mercenaries they had hired to protect them and those mercenaries turned around and sacked the city.

    BTW, another video hosting site bites the dust: “Weโ€™re writing to inform you that the AOL Video Uploads site is no longer accepting new video uploads and will close on Dec. 18, 2008”

  28. YouTube Live is the event that is to introduce the afire promised “streaming” service that Steve Chen talked about earlier this year. Smart money has the service as being available to premium partners (think CBS or UMG not Mr Safety or Nalts) to conduct Live events in the future. YouTube has promised there will be more Live events in the future. They do not seem to be posturing or setting up any kind of an infrastructure to offer a live streaming streaming service site wide, so for a regular user Live will more than like not be something for you.

    The marketing is similar to Hooking Up. Popular tubers are being invited and in some instances comped, in exchange for their making videos promoting the event. The event itself is by invite only, YouTube setup a drawing system where general users could enter for a chance to win 2 tickets. They say only 400 people will win tickets through this drawing. The rest of those attending will be those invited specifically by YouTube.

    I’m not sure how or why, but I got tickets to go. Since quite a few of the friends I have made through YouTube will be attending I decided to go. YouTube is providing me tickets to the event and nothing else. This will be my vacation this year.

    I can’t say I really wanted to go to a “YouTube gathering” that is by invite or exclusionary, but I do realize this is not a real gathering. This is an event hosted by YouTube to introduce a new service, they are just calling it a gathering to try and help spread the appeal to more users.

  29. @Zack – I’m trying to come up with an idea for the designated driver one… Liza @ Poptent has gotten into contact with me and I keep telling her I am going to do something there and I rather want to.

    I am not the sellout machine I’d like to be, though. ๐Ÿ˜› I am going to get something done for there. YT Live is this week, though… that is going to slow me down for anything this week.

  30. ^ I’m going to do something. Unless I don’t. But if I do something, I’ll probably do it somewhere. Somewhere is better than nowhere. Unless it isn’t. But stay tuned, because if I do do something somewhere, it’s liable to show up someplace. Or nowhere.

    Thank you for your time.

  31. “Rome fell when the Roman govt failed to adequately compensate the mercenaries they had hired to protect them and those mercenaries turned around and sacked the city.”

    You mean Blackwater, right?

    @41 I got free tickets too, but no airfare – hmmm.. what should I do with them…

  32. @44
    Give ’em to a friend. Youtube doesn’t know you or me from Adam. I doubt they’ll be checking ID. Who would be going to a San Francisco YT “party” if they didn’t HAVE to? Uh, I mean, if they weren’t invited.

  33. @48 are you saying Phil De Franco’s drivers license actually says sxephil?

    @47 I noticed you skipped the top part of my question. Maybe all those piney needles are obstructing your vision?

  34. BTW, did I ever tell you that I am a member of the American Legion and that the U.S. Congress approved my design for a Legion flag a few years ago (composed it while living in the Inglewood veterans shelter)?

  35. @52

    “Food” is a loose term. Steve Chen is bringing one crock pot full of those mini smoked sausages, and Chad Hurley will be bringing a pitcher of ginger ale. I was supposed to bring my award winning cheesecake (no really – it’s won an award!), but sadly my invitation was lost in the mail.

  36. Kevin: I guess you are too busy getting ready for this stupid YT event to bother with the peons on your blog.

    Do I sound bitter? I don’t mean to. I am not sukatra, after all.

    Although I do aspire to be her one day. Does that souns stalker-ish?

  37. And another one bites the dust:

    “Over the next several weeks we’ll be transitioning away from supporting VeohTV.”

    Video hosting is going the way of the horse and buggy.

  38. I got my tickets and apparently I can’ t sell them on ebay so I guess I’ll have to go and scalp them outside the event.

    @50 still no answer.

  39. My homeless attorney, Don the RV-dwelling, dog poop-smelling, 73 year-old Jewish hippie I adopted last year when we were both living in RVs on the street, spends a lot of time here at the veterans shelter.

    In the mornings, he brings me fresh dumpster sushi to store in my little dorm refrigerator (which itself was salvaged from a Culver City dumpster). We usually spend about half an hour in that little fridge, changing out the old dumpster sushi for the new.

    Then he usually watches TV in the mess hall or movie room downstairs until I wake up in the afternoon. Then we have a couple of hours of bible study, sometimes three or four, until the chow hall opens at 5:30 for dinner.

    I try to get Don to take a shower at my place as much as I can, but Don forgets. He forgets a lot of things, like where he left his keys to the RV or where he left his RV. I keep a spare set of keys to everything he has in my dorm room. I also keep the number of the prepaid cell phone I gave him and the combination to his storage.

    Don’s soul in in God’s hands alone, but his possessions are surely in mine.

    Today we had to change a flat tire on Don’s RV. What a pain in the butt that was. Those big 16 and a half inch tires aren’t all that easy to toss around and have you ever tried to jack up an RV? That’s no walk in the park, either. And we had to do it in the rain.

    I bitched and griped and complained for about ten minutes, as I guess I do with all of my family, but gave it up as soon as I looked in the old man’s grateful eyes.

    Some 38 year-old woman, a speed freak drug addict in the full bloom of her addiction, is trying to get Don to move in with her at her guest house apartment behind her mother’s house in lower Inglewood.

    She wants to set up housekeeping with the old fart. She met him on the street yesterday when he was trying to grunt off the flat tire on the RV and already has him buying groceries for her mom.

    The old man lives on a tight, fixed Social Security pension income which is heavily drained already by his addict daughter. Don says this woman, Stilleta, will cook and clean for him . . . even do his laundry and sleep with him and hinted already at marriage.

    Don asked me what I thought of the whirlwind arrangement.

    “Wormwood,” I said.

  40. Notes on YouTube Live:

    Dated stuff. References to 2004. 2004? YouTube Live? More like YouTube Rehashed.

    MY Word of The Day: HOMO GENIZED.

    The show that begs the question over and over: Who? Who? (and also Why?)

    Lots of presenters starting their spiel with “A few years ago…”

    Really drives home just how many untalented most YouTubers are. Some of that singing was painful.

    I saw Nalts say “Hi.”

    Overall impression: yawn.

  41. You saw Nalts? Really? Was he standing next to Fred or Michael?

    Agreed. Too much oh so 2 years ago. Letโ€™s get on with it…really. Presenters saying ‘a few years ago’….yeah..and..

    I agree Bland and Blended like a overhyped Oscar showโ€ฆsighโ€ฆno chance Iโ€™ll ever get invited..

    I canโ€™t wait for YTLivetokyo to start. My friend JJ with FatBlueMan is playing. I think that Victor/Gimmeabreakman will be there too.

  42. ^ JimmerSD
    Yeah, I saw Kevin’s head jut out into camera range on the Backstage stream for just long enough to say “Hi, I’m N-” to a stagehand and then they cut to someone younger and hipper.

    I’m convinced now that “young and hip” is a modern synonym for “stoopid and self absorbed.” Did you watch the Backstage stream? I never saw so many bored-looking people in a bar-like atmosphere.

  43. Wow…YT Live was…disappointing. I really liked the Mythbusters segment, but it was WAAAAAAY too short. They needed to blow something else up.

    Nalts was back in the kitchen washing dishes from the bar.

    I was at home, sadly unimpressed (click)

    I hoped for more.

  44. I hung out with Naltsy for a good 10 minutes until he used his fancy VIP seats to get away from me. I kid, I would have done the same thing, and not because I dislike Nalts.

    He was really cool, probably the only person who instantly knew who I was. Some other chick knew who I was too, she said I was one of the first 25 partners, something I would be amazed with if it were true. No way in hell. She was some business manager… I can’t remember her name. Hot though.

    Afterwards, directly outside I was hit on by a hot Asian chick claiming to work at YouTube… Not sure if I believe her, very drunk and annoying. But very hot. I hold that as two points of personal pride: that a hot Asian chick hit on me and that I was actually able to say “this chick is annoying” even though she was hot and I left. I rule.

    Not getting laid by a hot Asian chick, though. So that sucks, but on the other hand, I also don’t have any links to anyone annoying.

  45. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I thought the concept was interesting, the three camera’s running was cool, the streaming was very good and the content, hosts, people – lame, sucked, kill me now! it was like a bad imitation of a bad imitation of MTV. Watching marquisdejolie’s family on a live three camera stream would have been more entertaining.

    20 minutes in and I stared screaming why the **** are you watching THIS CRAP!

    I hope you didn’t pay for those air tickets Kevin and Peter you better come back with more than a refrigerator magnet and STD free.

    And Kevin, if you dare come back here and tell us how great this thing was I swear I will show up on your door step Thanksgiving Day slap you silly then kill your clone.

  46. Well I haven’t had a drink in years, but this CRAPFEST started me up again. I had to wash the ugly taste of it down with Drambuie. But nobody in Marshall has ever heard of Drambuie, so I had to drive over to Shreveport to get a bottle. The liquor store was within eyeshot of The Horseshoe, a riverboat gambling casino not far from the Brooks Overton V.A. hospital. So I dropped a few dollars into the nickel slots trying to erase the very unfunny YouTube Live Palin skits from my mind and I hit triple clovers, which is a $40 win at The Horseshoe. I was so surprised my heart infarcted and I ended up over at the Brooks Overton emergency room. Then things started getting weird when I saw my doctor there was an Iranian princess….

    So, uh, thank you, YouTube, for a fucked up night.

  47. @Jan,

    It probably IS great for Kevin. I just saw a tweet from pipistrello saying that he’s having dinner with all the YT megastars. I’ll bet Nalts has given Nalts hats to every one of the most subscribed by now.

    Geez. Publicity whore.

    (watch my stuff and subscribe!)

  48. @70 predictable, but a well executed video and timely

    @75 Kevin having fun with pals has nothing to do with liking YTL.

    This whole thing was about the new target audience, tweens!

  49. I watched 4 minutes of Youtube live, which was enough time for me to get bored from the “Parkour guys”. Then I left, and spent the rest of the night watching “Shaun of the dead” for the first time. It’s a good movie. That Liz character was stunning. Still, I like Hot Fuzz more, though. Nick Frost is more indearing in it.

    All in all, I am jealous of everybody who went, even if it did suck. I really need a new camera.

  50. This is interesting. If you go to the YouTube Live channel, they have from what I can tell, video of every act performing except Bo Burnham. Why do I find this interesting? His song “Welcome to YouTube” was hilarious, but it was a bit of a roast on the site. I’d retype the lyrics, but just (click) for a bootleg with lyrics already done.

    It was actually about my favorite act of the show, to be perfectly honest. I’m hoping Burnham releases his own video of it without the two second too-late censoring in the middle.

    Ah well, all press is good press, so YouTube is probably happy about that!

  51. OK, so my favorite part of the event was unfortunately something you did not see in the stream, and that was the outdoor festival that took place before the show. I’m sure there will be plenty of videos in the coming days showing it though.

    I’m not sure I understand all the “old stuff” and “2004” comments. Zipster put up a video even accusing YouTube of showing “ageism” for the event. The acts that performed are certainly not old in their relative use of the site are they?

    The event itself to me as more of a variety show than a gathering. I liked that they showcased not just performing artists but popular users and their talents as well. I freely admit I had no idea who beardyman was until yesterday and he’s pretty damn talented. I loved Buck’s parts even if he did seem a little forced a coupleof times (I blame the live medium for that). Mythbustersbwere awesome and I wish they had a bigger part in the show. The cannon rock hit was awesome and so was Joe Satriani. Go Burnham was hilarious. Fred/Lucas didn’t translate well in the medium, just like I suspected he wouldn’t. William Sledd annoyed me like he usually does. Lisa did her characters, some good and some not so much.

    I’m not sure how anyone who watched could say they disliked the whole thing. I’d be more inclined to think they went in to the broadcast expecting to not like it and so all they wanted to see us what they saw. It had it’s good parts and bad parts, and for a first time event it was ok.

    Flame on ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Quotes from the show:
    “Back in 2004…”
    “A couple of years ago….”
    “Several years ago…”
    “A YouTube celebrity since back when…”

    I agree with you on some points, Matt, but on others you seem like a YT history NOOB. Perhaps you came upon the YouTube scene late, like in 2006 or so.

    Flame out:)

  53. @Matt,

    It’s not “flaming” per say, just some critiquing.

    I’m sure it was fun to attend. The pre-show festival looked fun from the little I saw. I just think the event translated to video far poorer than I expected. Standing in the crowd would have been a lot more fun I think than sitting in my computer chair.

    I think part of it is that they didn’t showcase a lot of the talent I follow on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there’s only so much time, but all the same, I felt like the event was catering to a demographic entirely different from mine. I wouldn’t call it a failure, I just think that next time they do this, they need to use more of the talent the adult crowd watches. Just sayin’

  54. Jesus Christ, will you guys shut up about this thing already??? I mean, there are important things going on in the world! Like, for example, pirates are making a comeback, but for some reason, they’re not wearing those swashbuckling outfits, swords and feathers in their hats. What the fuck is up with that? How can they truly be pirates without those outfits??.

    And I haven’t heard a SINGLE one say “ARRRGGGGGGGGHHHH”. Pirates my ass. They’re just a bunch of thugs with guns. Successful thugs. I may go into that line of work, but only if they’ll let me wear the hat and carry a sword. And say “shiver me timbers” whenever I want.

  55. @84: Actually, the correct spelling is “Floccinaucinihilipilification”.

    Did not watch any of YTL; had better things to do.

    BTW, if you don’t see me arounf here much for awhile, don’t worry (as if you would!); I am neither dead nor ill, just merely very busy. It is that time of year and as a crafty person (click), I make a lot of gifts. Calendars and newsletters as well as jewelry. So I will probably be just dropping in here briefly over the next few weeks, mainly to correct Kevin’s spelling and see what trite is is talking about each week.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  56. I think if someone released a good “pirates vs. ninjas” movie in the theater right now, I’d watch in just for that. It could star Michael Buckley and Chris Crocker. Wait, scratch that. Buck in either of those outfits just scares me.


    My wife is doing crafts and scrapbooking stuff right now. I understand. See you in spring! ๐Ÿ˜€

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