$100,000 Prize for YouTube Video That Doesn’t Suck

The Onion reports that YouTube is offering a $100,000 prize for any video that is actually good. No entries have yet appeared in YouTube’s new “Actually Good” tab, according to this story. If you’re careful, you’ll see that MIKMA makes a subtle cameo with “Mikma was here.” That’s either a complete coincidence or evidence that The Onion writers are actually surfing YouTube.

I for one will not enter. I’m going to focus on the brand contests where the least crappy consumer-generated video gets $100 off any $2000 purchase at McDonalds (only at 3 participating McDonalds that will not be identified).

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video

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  1. Actually, I was the first one in this “tribe” to mention the YouTube “actually good” contest video (made on the Onion account) and my post from Online Video Ads & Targeting comments has been deleted. Why? Was it because I said it pisses me off to do Nalts’ job for him?

    Also from that thread, my praise of Marquis de Jolie’s poem is gone.

    What gives? They were posted at one time. Must be moderated out of existence. If there isn’t free speech here, I’m taking my bat and ball and go home.

  2. I was the first to note the great Mikma’s cameo, at least via twitter. I honestly don’t know if the mikma thing was intentional or not. On one hand, anyone who’s been immersed in YouTube culture for any amount of time knows that MIKMA WAS HERE. On the other hand, Mikma is like Santa Claus – he’s everywhere. I don’t know how the guy does it, but he’s somehow managed to watch every video online ever made. He must be a robot.


    I doubt that our benevolent leader is messing with you. Okay, he probably is, but that’s okay – he does it with all of us.


    I can’t enter this one either. I’m working on my entry for the “Best Attention Whoring” contest. Hey, wanna collab with me on that?

  3. @5

    Normally I ignore attention-seeking, but since I’m in an especially attention-seeking mood myself lately, I checked out the video, and I actually found it to be amusing. After watching your mac parody I went along and subscribed.

    Now quick! Subscribe to me before you forget how gracious and benevolent I’ve been! 😀

  4. @ 4 – DahliaK… I think you’re kidding, right? I tried to post earlier on this thread (I would have been #3 and it didn’t post). I think we’re having comment glitches. Let’s see if this posts this time.

  5. Ahyup, there are comment glitches here again. Starting a couple of days ago, I could no longer use my regular email address to have a comment accepted here. I had to switch to an alternate email address.

    And I’ve had some comments post and then disappear. Meh.

  6. I’m not saying anything, just letting the facts speak for themselves.

    One thing I will make note of however, this was quite a slam at You Tube and their users, but as they say in the biz, PR is still PR

    missing comments could be several things: you posted during a back up, blue’s servers are suffering from indigestion, Kevin is accidentally deleting your comment rather than all the crappy casino spam that’s been bombarding this blog or some other thing I can’t think of at the moment, but I don’t think he would do it on purpose.

  7. Mikma has even been on the Onion?!? Where hasn’t that guy been??? I thought he had made the transition to Vloggerheads, where he will be accepted by other creepy bald old men, but it looks like he’s still being everywhere on youtube.

  8. Nalts, we need the blog post about YouTube/Google offering up sponsored video placement for payola… I’m about to go OFF up in the heezy fo’sheezy!

  9. Taxpayers gave billions to the airlines and they repaid us by demanding the right to imprison us without food or water on the tarmac for 10 hours.

    If we give the auto industries ANOTHER 20 billion dollars, they’ll demand we buy cars without transmissions (optional). Hide and watch.

  10. @15

    Cars without transmissions could be the thing of the future. Because they’re so efficient, most electric vehicles don’t need a tranny. So, from my CNN spinning class I took last fall, what you’re saying is that a bailout for automakers is going to lead to more efficient, potentially zero emission vehicles. Sweet!

  11. @Jimmer

    You can have all three if you remember that cheap is objective. Steven Spielberg could show up and throw $10,000 into a viral video, and that’s what – his lunch money for the week?

    Hmm…I need to go out to lunch with Spielberg more often.

  12. Maybe if we all get together we can make an “Actually Good” video. It would be kind of a collab. We’ll hafta keep Nalts out of it though, he tends to be a camera hog ya’ know.

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