Whoops- I Forgot I Have a Blog

Dangit. I’m surfing around the web and I run into this site called WillVideoforFood. Turns out it’s mine, and it’s been dark for a WEEK. That’s got to be a record for me since I started this thing 2 years ago.

So much to cover! And thanks, Jan, for waking me from my slumber with the image here…

Yeah- the back pain is back after 3 epidurals seemed to have cured it. But I have a few videos in the cue, and about 10 blog posts that haven’t yet manifested. So stay tuned, eh?

See this post by SomeCallMeJim contributor on Nalts being MIA.

nalts missing milk carton



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  1. By the way, the back pain sucks. Maybe consider just having the entire spinal cord removed. That would solve the pain issue. And scientists feel that within the next couple decades they’ll have some contraption that will give you about 10% of your original mobility back. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ll bet with the pain you’re already down to about 15% or so, so what’s 20 years and 5 percent, really?

  2. @2: I found out about a month agao that I have scoliosis. I thought you were born with that. I am over 50 and they are just now finding out that my back really IS screwed up, and it is not just all in my mind??!! How is that possible?

    ANyway, my doctor recommended pool therapy. Now I just need to find an indoor pool where I can exercise and where all of my students don’t show up on a regular basis.

  3. It’s alive!
    Glad to see you’re still floating. Sorry about the back, I heard staying off your feet 24/7 and watching You Tube videos all day makes the pain go away. So, um Kevin, there’s a rumor going round, actually I just made it up, that we’re all invited to your house for Thanksgiving Dinner AND you’re picking up the tab for the air fare. Want us to bring anything? Can of cranberries, some non-alcoholic sparkling wine, a box of Whitman Samplers?

  4. That picture on the milk carton has been a saved picture file on my computer for easily over a year and a half, or from whenever Nalts made that easily forgettable video with him singing the “Copa Cabana” in it. But now I finally have something in common with Jischinger. It’s about time.

    Anyway, I remember I tried to make that picture the official Nalts wikipedia page picture. Didn’t work. It stayed there for about 3 days, though.

  5. Seriously dude. What the fuck is up with saying “dang”?? That is the one of the most annoying words in the world. Plus it brings up a lot of uncomfortable junior high memories that I’d rather not think about. Because that’s the last time I heard it used on a regular basis. Junior high. Old people’s version of middle school.

  6. @13

    I didn’t see him use dang. I saw dangit, but that’s not the same. People with dangit in their vernacular also use words like ‘common’ when they mean ‘come on’. But I’m not the expert spelling Nazi here, so I’ll jut pipe down.

  7. Has anybody else noticed that Kevin and Revver stopped working at just about the same time? Has Kevin been busy switching Cubebreak over to YouTube videos like I have on my blogs?

  8. Totally unrelated to your blog post, but I just wanted to see if you had noticed in the newest onion video that they managed to show a mikma comment? I inwardly chuckled.

  9. @17

    If you take the time to even respond to our indignant remarks you’ve already far exceeded my original expectations.


    I didn’t even realize Revver was down. Oh well, another one bites the dust. Or is that Another one rides the bus? I can’t remember which one is better.

  10. @25
    I outwardly chuckled. Mikma was there. I find that most Youtubers are not very observant. In the last video that I actually appeared in, “Inter-Species Love”, I had two black eyes. Nobody noticed. Or if they did, weren’t curious. YouTubers are passive. They just let stuff wash over them like….uh, boob tube watchers.

  11. @29
    Oh goody, goody! Now rich amateurs can join the corporations in paying to have their videos promoted with special placement and such? Vundabar! They’re gonna run off the poor people if it hairlips the governor. And call it “the democritization” of paid placement? Genius!

  12. @25: I noticed the Mikma comment. Cracked me up as well.

    @26: Another One Rides the Bus is better. Weird Al’s first ever parody. Recorded it in a men’s room for better acoustics. Seriously.

  13. @29

    I saw that a couple days ago, and blogged on it this morning. Bottom line: Unless you’ve got a corporate backer, don’t waste your cash.


    Finally, I’m not the only one spamming my blog!


    I know. I’m a huge Weird Al fan. I actually got to go kart race with him once. Fun guy.

  14. I would kill a man to go-kart race with weird al. I LOOOOOOVE that guy.

    My favorite english teacher knows a girl who went out with him for a while…

  15. @37 & 38

    Back in my hometown of Omaha, there used to be an amusement park called Peony Park. For a while, they had Friday night concerts in the park with surprisingly decent talent. Long story short, Al was playing Friday night, and so we were going to spend the day at the park and see the show at night. That morning I was waiting in line for the go-karts when Al, Bermuda, and most of his band got in line right behind me.

    The one thing I will say about the guy is that for as popular as he is (especially back then when he was at the peak of his popularity), he’s somehow maintained a sense of humility. He wasn’t letting the park personnel treat him special, and before it was out turn to go, he was just chatting with those of us in line like he was a “regular guy”. We gave him advice on what rides to hit later, and he was honestly thankful. After the concert we went to get CD’s autographed, and he actually remembered us and thanked us for the suggestions!

    Sadly, my autographed CD case was stolen several years ago, but I still have the disc itself, and it’s still one of my favorite albums: Alapalooza

  16. I actually have a gift for “just bumping into” famous folk. I alsomet Kevin Costner in a sort of random way. He’s a baseball fanatic, more specifically a college baseball fanatic. And the College World Series is held in Omaha.

    Interestingly, one of my best friends has an uncle who is the chairman of the board of directors for the CWS Omaha operations, and he gives my friend VIP tickets, which my friend in turn invites me to go to the game with them.

    Well, VIP’s get access to a special VIP refreshments tent, with basic ball park staples (nachos, soda, popcorn) and some seriously good food as well – all free.

    During a slow inning I went down to the tent to stock up on chow, and while I was filling up my soda cup, someone behind me says “Excuse me, can I get by you to grab a cup?” I say sure, move aside, and turn to engage in the usual chit chat while he’s grabbing his stuff.

    But when I turn around, I realize that it’s Costner. Naturally this caught me off guard, but I rebounded quickly and stuck to the small talk “Who you rootin’ for?” “Who do you think will take the series?” type stuff. He was actually a pretty cool guy. More normal than you’d think. So don’t judge him based on Water World.

  17. Um yeah, well I had a run in with a celebrity too!

    Mike Gravel responded to a comment I posted on youtube! Beat that, bitchez!

    (Oh, and I shook Mike Huckabee’s hand…but the Mike Gravel one is cooler, though)

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