The Top Web Video Agents: Check Your Spam Folders for These Names

Daisy Whitney reports on Hollywood’s Top Web-Video Agents. It’s interesting that there’s really no mention of popular YouTube stars crossing over. “Ask a Ninja” is about the closest we’ve seen, but that’s a character and it was far bigger than YouTube.

Three parts worth mentioning:

  • Television writer Seth MacFarlane’s Web series “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” earned more than 14 million views in its first three weeks online, putting it on track to become one of the most successful Internet series ever. Chris Jacquemin, the head of Endeavor’s digital group, was part of the team that engineered that deal.
    • (Nalts note: Talent agency, advertising and known talent: good formula. I just hope BK is okay with that skit that involves a cow getting eaten alive… you know Seth has been pitching that to Endeavor, who prays the sponsor doesn’t hear).
  • Joel Wright (Paradigm) isn’t in the business of looking for Web celebrities. “It’s hard enough to find super-talented people to represent in film and television,” Mr. Wright said. As the head of the new-media division at Paradigm, his job is to find digital opportunities for the agency’s existing film, TV and music clients.
    • (Nalts note: Safe bet. If “super-talented” is the criteria, don’t look online. But then again, if the most popular YouTubers aren’t super-talented, then maybe online audiences don’t want super-talented… they’re just likable and interesting).
  • “A lot of the people I work with are pulling off amazingly creative content with such huge constraints,” said Barrette Garese (UTA). “There is money to be made and the money is continuing to go up as this medium expands, but our first job with a lot of the people we work with is often taking it from being a hobby to being the only job.”
    • (Nalts note: It sounds like hard work to break it to the talent that they’ll have to give up that shitty day job and take a bunch of money to expand their gigs… I’ll bet that’s as depressing as being a dentist in Finland).

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  1. so, you want to hear about my day?

    yeah right liar.

    well, if you really want to.

    woke up at 8 am. did work on computer. showered. ate. went to school at 9:30 (no first period). did fun math stuff, then did boring foreign language stuff. then did fun band stuff, only a month of band left. then came home and did more work on computer.
    procrastinated doing homework, making this comment, catching up on my rss. fun stuff.

    told you you didn’t want to read it.

  2. @5

    Were that video ever to appear on YouTube, it would surpass the number of views from “Evolution of Dance” in about 12 hours.

    I need to find an agent, especially considering I’m facing a very possible bout of unemployment coming up soon.

  3. I’d take an agent, as long as they had nothing to do with online video. I want to be in control 100% of what I do in this medium.

    Everything else, I really don’t care. I’d love to do crappy TV commercials for fun and profit.

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