10 Replies to “I Want to Lick the Brains of Onion Writers”

  1. There’s a crazy Indian in my head. He lives in a Hapi-headed canopic jar in my lingual g. I think he got in there way back when I was a child living in Fry Canyon, Utah. What an Ohio Shawnee medicine man was doing way out there in the badlands of Utah, I’ll never know. I was there because my dad was a uranium prospector.

    Bukowski had his Chinasky. I have my Sees The Stars.

    “Sees The Stars” is my Desertwalker native Indian personality. His full name is “Sees The Stars Naked”, but you can call him “Sees”. He keeps pulling me out into the desert.

    Sees, abandoned at birth, was raised by right wing bears. Sensing his natural instinct for sniffing out a conspiracy, they taught him “The Way of the Trap.” At age twelve, with a belt full of trapper scalps, he began to make his way in the world as “Sees The Stars”, Desertwalker of The Bear Clan.

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