Economy Pushes Advertisers to UGC (user generated content)

Remember my post about 10 reasons online-video advertising (the smart ways) will be recession proof? Here’s something written days later, and worth reading. Good for creators worrying about your revenue in 2009, or advertisers looking how to spread your 2009 spending…

From Jack Meyers’ media report.

“Marketers need to determine how they can put less money to work yet generate greater marketing impact.” points out Magnify Media ( founder and president Steve Rosenbaum, “As they scale back will they put their dollars into network or will they look for their consumers in different ways,” Rosenbaum asks. “People are challenged now to do more with less and they are standing back, taking a hard look at their core assets and opportunities. Online video is a growth category and publishers will be turning to video asset aggregation and curated content to generate more page views, more users, and more money while cutting back on their costs.”

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  2. I wish whoever is using that “nutsack” name would stop it. In my opinion it’s disrespectful to nutcheese.

    I mean, it wouldn’t be right to take “marquisdejolie” , a perfectly acceptable and frankly creative name, if perhaps a bit long, and change it into “marquisdeFAIL.” That would just be mean.

    Marquisdejolie doesn’t fail. He just goes off a little every once in a while, and you gotta have patience and wait for him to come back into the fold.

  3. Pffffft. I’ve been shot at, stabbed, beaten, mugged, carjacked, falsely arrested, harassed, ripped off, shot out of pickup beds and helicopters, car crashed, run over in a crosswalk, had three near-death experiences, spinal-tapped, biopsied, bled, cut, burned, bone brokened, cracked and sprained, mismedicated, overdosed, hospitalized more times than I can count, poked, prodded, screwed, blued and snafued, and VDed and you’re concerned I’ll get miffed?

    And as far as being anyone being disrespectful in here, I call bullshit….or at least DOUBLE STANDARD. Let’s not be hypocrites and say that men can be disrespected in here while women can’t.

    I fail all the time. And I’m not in any ‘fold.’

  4. This is not about double standard. There is real hostility behind the nutsack comments whether you want to admit it or not. I don’t know where it’s coming from but I wish you would put it to rest.

    Yeah I cam be a real bitch on this blog, and I give kevin a boat load of shit every time I get a chance, but it’s part of the persona, and he knows it. hell, everybody who’s a regular here knows it.

    And to anybody I’ve given shit to, if you didn’t realize it’s part of a persona, or if you think i went too far, and I hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry. I fucking love you guys.

    And I know I’m not gonna win this one because marquis, you are like a dog with a bone when it comes to arguing with people, and you will NEVER EVER give in, so I’ll say uncle right now.

    Uncle. You win. I’m sorry I called you out about your nutsack comments. won’t happen again.

  5. @13
    Nutsack has never revealed her identity, so how could you paint me with that brush? Kinda careless with facts, aren’t you?

    Look, I know you girls are upset that the gay marriage ban passed in California, but don’t take it out on the nearest male just because you have already cowed Kevin.

    As far as Nutcheese goes, I think (my personal opinion since you tainted me out) is that she has allowed herself to become a caricature of herself. She has embraced the fart and poddy cartoon of herself. Surely she is a more rounded, deeper person than that.

    Maybe not. Maybe that’s all she’s got. But as long as she keeps reinforcing that image with Three Stooges-like poddy humor, I don’t feel it’s out of bounds for Nutsack to goof on her for it. In fact, I think Nutsack’s comments show more maturity than Nutcheese’s.

  6. Well, I, for one, liked Marquis’ story @1.

    What was this thread about? I mean, the original post? *scrolls back* Oh hell. The comments are always more interesting than the original post.

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