Private Voting Moment… Posted for World

Someone will be doing a news story about idiot voters, and they’ll need some b-roll. Here you go. My private vote broadcast to the world. You know, I thought for sure they’d bust me with the camera. So I even had a spare tucked in my pocket. Nobody cared. One lady asked me if I was posting it, and I promised her it wouldn’t end up on TubeYou. Forgot to include that clip, or me telling the volunteer I was only there to offset my wife’s vote.

I’m just glad it’s all over. I’m going to really enjoy the top 100 highest rated videos for the next four years.

In a great moment of irony, Sarah Palin just left me a voicemail while I was typing this. I’m not sure it was really her, though. She didn’t call me buttercup like she normally does.

You know what’s odd? I’ve read 50 comments and it’s as if nobody has yet recognized that I stuck a random shot of me dressed as a black guy in the middle.(Update: YouTube Reviewed spotted it. Be sure to read my comment on the blog if this thumbnail offends you, whitey).

20 Replies to “Private Voting Moment… Posted for World”

  1. You listened to me on twitter when I told you today to make a voting video, didn’t you? Plus I do believe at some point today I requested some drama from you. Oh yeah, that’s right, when I told you to let out your inner diva on that stupid hookup show and ignore the director’s advice.

    Yeah, you TOTALLY delivered for me today. I owe you big time. This next few days is gonna be fun. For me, at least.

    P.S. Awesome comments on the youtubereviewed blog.

    P.S.S. I actually do know this was all a total coincidence and not influenced by me at all. But let’s pretend otherwise. My ego needs it.

  2. @5 Sukatra- I await your new directive. My master must know, however, that I created and edit YouTube Reviewed to chastise myself so I’d have drama. Occasionally I have to write about other people, which can get so mundane.

  3. No one even noticed that I had a camera in the booth. My booth didn’t even have a curtain. I had a miniature nun on wheels mark my ballot for me. She voted for Obama.

  4. @ 12- Ask BSoN for one. They have wheels too. We raced them. If you make a video with it before I edit mine I will have to kick your ass though.

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