Is the Stupid Election Almost Over?

I hate elections. People coming to my home, boring converations, phone calls from spinsters. And all the most-viewed videos are political satires or ads.

If you watch my channel, you’ll notice I haven’t been posting videos. I’m eagerly waiting for the wonderful calm after the political storm. Too much noise now. It’s like trying to market during Christmas. Wait- we’re still having Christmas this year, right? How do you explain to a child that Santa’s in a recession? He’s magic, and immune to such trivialities as debt.

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  1. My kid, at about age 6, wanted a specific pirate ship lego set that ran a couple hundred. Not any legos, but this specific set. I told him that some of the toys Santa’s elves make in their workshop, but the name-brand ones, Santa has to buy, and he only has so much in his budget. So it was a good idea to have several choices on your wish list.

    Sorry to give you more election related gunk, but I really got a laugh out of “Hockey Mama for Obama” – the singer is pretty good and the lyrics funny.

  2. I just tossed a bag full of campaign mail. Nothing else. Just the stuff that I have received over the last 2 months (junk mail basket next to the front door gets dumped whenever.) Anyway, they must have sent a small forest of that crap I never read and has no effect on my decision. They needn’t bother, for some reason the jerks that design this crap think that they can say horrible things about their opponents that they wouldn’t dare say on a TV commercial or to someone’s face.

    I can only say that I am glad that today is here. Off I go to vote now!

  3. @4

    a freshman who hangs out with the band (not a band geek though) was surprised when I told her it’s illegal to take down political signs that were on people’s yards.

    (hint for everyone else, it’s on private property, therefore they have every right to have it on there)

  4. Hmm…cheer up, Kevin.

    Your babysitter is returning home tomorrow morning…what more could you ask for?


  5. “Stupid” election, Nalts? Perhaps it’s only stupid to people that think they are going to lose. But you know, as corny as it sounds, we’re all actually on the same team. It’s possible we may all win tonight. That might be difficult to understand if you insist on viewing everything as a zero sum game (look it up).

  6. @7

    It’s a stupid election because it’s been going on for 18 months and everybody is sick and fucking tired of it. Kind of like the macarena about three weeks after it came out, you know? Or Ann Coulter, always. Don’t be such a condescending little shit, especially if you’re not going to reveal who you really are.

    Yeah, I’m sick of it too. So you bear the brunt of my election fatigue.

    And If that’s you kevin writing under a pseudonyn quit doing that so I can take what you say with a grain of salt instead of wanting to punch the writer in the face.

    I have a lot of aggression issues today (well, more than usual, that is), which I don’t quite understand, seeing how as it only took me about 10 minutes to vote, my candidate is going to kick ass, my kid is actually quietly doing his homework, I’m freshly showered and I’m drinking a starbucks because I decided to treat myself.

    Oh yeah, Kevin, and the phone calls from spinsters crack? Don’t use the word spinster. It’s a perjorative term for an unmarried woman, which annoys the hell out of me as an unmarried woman. And don’t use this as an excuse to use spinster in every post from now on either.

    Whoops, gotta go. Late for my anger management class. Fuckers. .

  7. Tomorrow the race starts for 2009 and 2012. We get to do it all again!

    No one’s happier than I that this one is finally over, talk about beating a dead horse. Now it’s just a matter of what big corporation will control the country.

    Obama = Big Media, Banks, Pharmaceuticals
    McCain = Oil, MIC, The Elderly

    and Kevin, Christmas is Canceled – break out the movie A Christmas Carrol and stop it about the time Tiny Tim dies then go out shoot a goose and buy some cookie doe, kid appreciation levels will sore.

  8. I swear to God, TWO visits from Obama people at my door today. Are they coming by tomorrow too? I will not miss them at all.

    I should have gotten one of those Obama yard signs a LONG time ago.

  9. We need to promote and get legislation to outlaw campaigning until 3 weeks before the election! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!

    I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and I assure you of one thing, McCain is in no way fit to serve as President of the United States!

    VOTE NO on PROP 8!

  10. There is a guy running for something here in Wisconsin who delivered me as a baby. Talk about weird. It’s impossible to get bored by that, because the only thing I’m thinking when I’m seeing all these commercials for Sheldon Wasserman is “Holy crap! This guy saw me naked!”

    Even if he hadn’t delivered me, I’d still support him over the stupid bitch who is running against him. Alberta Darling aint’ no Darling!

  11. I love San Francisco’s “Measure R” It will change the name of the Cities Sewage plant to “George W. Bush Sewage Plant” I voted to pass that measure for sure, this would be a more appropriate way to remember the piece of crap who bought two terms in office!


    A handful of other ballot measures have an only-in-San-Francisco twist, including Prop. K, which calls for the decriminalization of prostitution, Prop. R, a proposal to rename a sewage treatment plant after President Bush, and Prop. V, which asks the Board of Education to reverse its ban on JROTC in the schools.

  12. I have been repeating the sentiment in the title of your subject line all week! Enough… let’s get on with it!

    I think Bush needs to push something through to just skip Christmas this year. Economy sucks, let’s just get to the new year. Bah humbug!

  13. In Canada, they managed to run an entire campaign for Prime Minister or whatever it is and elect the guy in less than 8 weeks. There should be a law that no campaigning is allowed more than 2 months prior to the election. This has gone on way too long.

    I am watching election coverage as we speak. After tonight, hopefully we can put all this to bed for another 4 years. Then we can go back to making fun of Sarah Palin as she runs for president.

  14. @21

    I voted for Obama, you moron. I’m just sick to death of the whole fucking thing and ready to move on with life. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive.

  15. I know you did. It’s just a joke. Calm down. I think it’s time for you to make a CHANGE. Start with your attitude.

  16. I know that there are just enough Repubs in here that it makes it worth coming here and irritating them. And then there are people like Suckatra that also make this Misery Club kinda fun to mess with.

    Anyway, all in good fun. Later people! Seriously, I’m outta here. My work is done.

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    PS Sukatra, try taking some deep breaths or counting to 10 before writing it might help with the bad language problem, no disrespect ment. Replace “fuck” with “mess” and “balls” with” “courage” and you would have a very understandable comment.

  18. I agree completely with sukatra. If someone is going to come in here and mess with us regulars, they should at least own up to who they are, kinda like sukatra does. What IS her real name anyway?

  19. @24 et al, you can’t hide online bucko, and while I have this moment let me remind you what Obama’s job title is, politician. Now, if I have to explain what that means, well, the joke’s on you and lastly, if you feel your job is done trolling here let me also remind you that that position is about as noble as a politicians.

    we have republicans here?

  20. Because it has a group of imature idiots making comments in the only language they know. I won’t be back and to save you the bother of making your usual response I’ll do it for you.
    “Fuck off and don’t come back”
    PS bye

  21. @31 Bye Michael, sorry you left so quick I liked you! You’re comment was both appropriate and applicable so I have no idea why you would leave!

    I am happy about OBAMA winning the election and the Republicans getting the BOOT all around, now it’s time to look at how silly these campaigns are and limit them to four weeks prior to the election!

    All the money they would’ve spent they could use towards the programs they claim to support and plan to implement, win or lose the Presidency they should still be committed to these things!

  22. @31
    Michael, Michael. I was just kidding @27. I couldn’t resist. I didn’t mean it, Michael. Not really. Not deep down where the soul meets the mind. Try not to be so thin skinned. Try taking some deep breaths or counting to 10 before writing us off. No disrespect meant. Seriously. Unless you’re a vlogger. If so, then go ahead and fuck off.


    Damn, sukatra. You’re such a bad influence.

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