Obama Wins Video Election. Palin In Oval Office.

Although Obama hasn’t been elected President, he’s already won the video election. There’s no disputing that his supporters have mobilized better via online video. Want proof?

  1. You Cost Obama the White House. As part of the “get your liberal ass out of bed and vote” campaign, this is an old personalized video trick but rather effectively executed. A news story that casts the recipient (if the link works, it will probably be Kevin N.) as the sole lacking vote that lost Obama the White House.
  2. Now You Have to Live With It. As the vote that cost Obama, you’ll also have to confront a virtual world where Sarah Palin squats the Oval Office. This interactive Sarah Palin page (video, flash, audio) reminds us that the “inside Palin” jokes are more abundant than we might realize. Before you visit the “Palin for President” website, pick 10 things you’d expect. Then click around to discover all you forgot. By the time I was done, the red phone rang, the world was destroyed, and dinosaurs roamed the White House lawn.
  3. Popular Videos Don’t Lie(Sometimes). Check out YouTube’s most popular videos of the day or the week(save this link, because it takes about 10 minutes to find these sections). Every night I surf the most highly rated 100 YouTube videos because AppleTV makes it easy, and it annoys my wife (who likes to read without Fred screaming and doesn’t mind interupting Buckley to tell me about her day). It’s almost impossible to have a proMcCain or Republican message highly rated, and almost any pro Obama liberal video has a chance. I cannot wait until mid November.

I believe this is evidence of America voting with their views and video stars, and although it’s not as scientific it’s intuitively more trustworthy than polls. You can bullshit a poll, but a rating is visceral.

Do you have any more theories? Wait- let me guess… 

  1. Obama makes for good video (even if you’re Rush Limbaugh you have to admit he does good video)
  2. The digital audience skews liberal (save JibJab, which tends to balance its humor)
  3. Obama Girl is responsible for it all
  4. Old people and ditsy hotties make good parody victims (me in drag)
  5. The Obama campaign has coordinated to leverage new media, and urges people to vote videos up and down
  6. There’s a left wing nut job at YouTube that’s manipulating the numbers (I tossed that one in to save my family from having to comment)

11 Replies to “Obama Wins Video Election. Palin In Oval Office.”

  1. I’m salivating for my first Obamacheck. All you rich motherf*kers making over $100,000 get ready to make a deposit into my swampgas fund. Economic justice has been WAAAAAY overdue. And I want my motherf*kin’ mule, too!

  2. I love PalinasPresident.com. That is a really fun site. And they add things all the time.

    I especially like the different “mavericks”; there is even a Dallas Maverick! 🙂

    My other favorite one is “Oh! Here are the nucular codes”.

    (I did not misspell “nuclear”. That’s how she says it.

  3. @1 – And that’s one of the primary reasons why I’m not voting for Obama or McCain.

    When did America turn into a nation of lazy sluggards who were content to pick between two losers? Isn’t this the country which decided that instead of lying around under a loser King, we were going to get off our butts and make our most highly respected general our leader, even though it meant a bloody rebellion?

    This is America. We don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils. Our system of election, if used properly, can make anyone (who qualifies) the leader of this nation. Don’t just go for the one who sucks less. Find someone who really is an amazing leader, and put THEIR name on your Ballot November 4. It’s not wasting a vote, it’s using your vote the way the founding fathers intended.

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