Blogging is Cooler than Vlogging, Says One Expert

You know I’ve blogged got almost 3 years about online video. I used to check out the stats, and think about SEO. Now I just dig the informality and the little gang that’s formed around it. Since the typical ratio of views/comments is probably 95 and 5, I’m probably ignoring the needs of a few hundred avid readers.

But it’s much more fun to read clever quips and playful feuding among the fun commenters. It’s like I’m on a stage trying to convince marketers, agencies and sites to partner for a 3-way win. But in the back of the crowd (far behind the 4 ladies that are sound asleep) is the heckling YouTube crowd. While it should distract me, I realize that the attendees have all fallen asleep. So I just get a case of cheap beer and we do ponies backstage.

Oh- I started this post to compare blogging to vlogging. Well vlogging is boring. And not scanable. And it requires you to turn on the camera at a time when electricity probably cost too much.

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  1. Nalts, if you’re ever in Minnesota, stop by. We’ll watch YouTube videos in my home theater and poke fun at all the vloggers. Then we’ll post a vlog about it.

  2. @1 – watching vloggers in a home theater… too surreal. I sure hope you use that setup for something besides vlogs!

  3. @3

    Primarily I use it for watching movies. Nothing beats movies on a wall-sized screen, especially classics like The Princess Bride, Three Amigos, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    It’s also useful for watching my YouTube subscriptions. Nalts’ head really is huge on my home theater!

    USELESS FACT: I’ve never watched evolution of dance.

  4. Vlloging vs Vologing – you got to be a really good vlloger for me to sit and watch you gripe. I’m not your therapist and got my own problems. I’d rather read your salient thoughts in a blog than watch you struggle for what you forgot you were vlloging about to begin with, oh, and don’t think I’m not keenly aware you aren’t interested in what I actually think because I’ve noticed you never reply to my comments thoughtfully – So here’s the deal, if I’m going to watch and know you’re going to ignore me anyway for god’s sakes be entertaining.

    Hey Kev, I’d light candles if they didn’t cost more than what Edison is charging for a 60w – so toss me a cold one buddy! and not that middle of the state Pennsylvania red neck lime shit either!

    good beer before the dawn, it’s a life worth living.

  5. @6 I think you just help me realize why vlogging annoys me. It’s like getting stuck in the hallway with someone who won’t stop going on and on about this and that. “I have to pee” is my out in the real world, but the the back button works well online.

  6. @6 and 7

    I don’t know, I think you’re being a little hard on vloggers as a category. Sometimes people need a little cleansing, and vlogging can help flush out all the gunk in their heads and make them feel better. And if they do it with humor, so much the better for all of us.


  7. Dude, vlogging is blogging. A videoblogging is video in a blog.

    When you embed the video in a blog post you can then add any kind of text you want, a description, a transcript, whatever.

    That helps Google find your video.

  8. yay! A post about how us regular commenters are great! I love these!

    You see, I have the right to say that, because I’m mentioned in this post. (Click)

    I keep that link in my favorites so I can whip it out for times like these.

  9. @12

    Blaming me for your comments now? Clever!

    @All the anti-garfields:

    I don’t know what all your problems are. I love Garfield! He’s the best. I’ve never been able to quite figure out his lasagna fetish though. That and his hatred for Odie. Boggles the mind.

  10. @13&16 I’ll join you both, glove or hand?

    See Steve doesn’t hang out on You Tube he has no idea what real whining is.

    Course, I’ve watched a number of Steve’s so called “embedded blog vlogings” for about 1 second each, and I want most of my 3 minutes back!

  11. rectopathic/adj • Easily hurt emotionally.

    renifleur/n • A sexual deviant with an unnatural attraction to body odors, especially urine.

    Vloggers/n • Rectopathic renifleurs.

  12. @8
    Ewwww! You sent us a pdf on the effect of douching on vaginal ecosystems!? Ewwwwww!

    Wait. Vaginas have ecosystems!? Ewwwww! I’m not sticking any more of MY toys in there!

  13. ^ They’re probably just scared of the PDF virus, sukatra. I have virus protection. I’ll go anywhere…..uh, except into vaginal ecosystems. Why do I have the urge to go brush my teeth and tongue right now? With peroxide.

  14. Hey Kevin, your blog subscription manager contacted me (via popup) and said:

    “ is subscribed to the posts listed below. To unsubscribe to one or more posts, click the checkbox next to the title, then click “Remove Selected Subscription(s)” at the bottom of the list.”

    And then it gave me a list of 298 blog posts of yours that I am subscribed to. Am I over the limit? I deleted 13 post subscriptions just in case.

  15. I wish I had a ‘block this user’ for some folks who like to trap people in the hallways.

    A former co-worker of mine used to go on for literally hours. And I’d have to use the old ‘get out of jail’ card (I have to pee, see ya)! Never got the picture cause the next day, it’d start all over again!

  16. @26- That’s how you respond so quickly. You have 286 posts you’re subscribed to, and are therefore the WVFF leader by far. And JAN is only 5! I doubt the wordpress would cap it at 286, but in “hey captain manage your subscriptions” you can always change the settings.

  17. What is “Gay” about spiders?
    I am a spider and always thought of myself as a heterosexual.
    …. and I HAVE a life… I’m a spider, remember?

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