How to Link Directly to A Specific Point of Time in YouTube Video

Thanks YouTube for giving us the ability to link directly to a portion of a video. TechCrunch reports that it’s this easy:

Just add the following after the video’s URL: #t=1m45sĀ  (where the number prior to m is minute, and before s is seconds).

So let’s take my most popular video, which has a long setup. Now I can link you directly to where the plot picks up and Spencer enters the library with his fart machine:

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  1. Coolio!

    Nalts, you need a “Cool tricks” section. Then add this and the higher quality code and stuff you learned about. Or is the higher quality mode automatic now? I don’t know, I don’t make videos. :o)

  2. That’s very cool Kevin. If I still made videos, I’d definitely be interested in this.

    (actually, nerd that I am, I’ll probably use it for work some day … I am using a Wordle for a brochure cover, and got the idea right here on WVFF)

  3. I just realized that “Farting in Public” has the word “Fuck” in it.

    There goes the whole “Family Friendly” aspect of Nalts videos right out the window!!

  4. did you notice you can set a pause point within the video and the video will stop, for about 2 minutes

    – so if the viewer isn’t actually watching the video at the time (just listening while browsing other pages) and you decide to add a correction the video will stop playing and hold at that point. When the viewer returns or says, “WTF?!” and clicks the window back up they will see your important message or annotation for a certain amount of time, then they can just hit play to continue on with the rest of the video.

    ArtieTSMITW did it in this one, [click]

  5. @2 Tried it. Fake site.
    @4 You choose if you want it to always default to high or low, or decide on its own based on bandwidth.
    @6 It is kinda time to stop mentioning it. Go for something weirder.
    @10 HOW!??

  6. @12 I can’t tell you how now because You Tube Sucks so much NOTHING’S WORKING!

    Do they even test this stuff before they make in available to the masses?

    It’s time – I’m going to start calling You Tube GoogleYouTube (GYT) maybe I just noticed this, but all the links for info and service seem to be heading to that address. When I click on a page say, “wtf, why isn’t this working again!” aka “Help” it goes to a google/youtube first then redirects to

    i.e. try it
    ..- redirect to …-

    btw, how long has google owned youtube anyway?
    oh, wait I remember now! [click]

  7. I’m with sukatra: I am absolutely sick to death of the damn farting video! Give it a rest already.

    MDJ: That was great!!!!!! Sent it to my sons.

    Nutcheese: I was hoping for a REAL link to sukatra in the shower. You tease!

  8. @12

    you’re not reading my comment. it’s that damn somecallmetim who keeps whoring his adhd video on this blog. its annoying. he’s becoming an even bigger video whore than marquis, which personally, I did NOT think was possible.

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