Winning Doritos Superbowl Commercial

You won’t likely see this 30-second consumer-generated video in the Superbowl, but I decided to enter the contest anyway. I named this entry “winning commercial” for Google’s spiders not for you. It’s really a loser.

If I was smart, I’d focus on nailing another poorly promoted contest, instead of tossing my hat into this crowded ring.

Feel free to watch this video 9 times so that it makes it to the “most viewed” gallery. 🙂

Kudos to the agency for giving each entry a unique URL instead of the typical bloated flash website that has no way to direct link into a specific video.

The few videos I’ve viewed on the website’s gallergy pretty much suck, but as the deadline of early November approaches the semi-pros will storm the website with killer ads. Some of the entries last year looked like professional producers or agencies looking to get a big break. Here’s the best one so far (although the sex, TV, Doritos is a bit cliche, the payoff and execution is good).

Hey, good point there Nalts. There should be criteria. You qualify only if:

  1. you spend less than 3 hours from concept to uploading,
  2. you have the same person writing, shooting and editing, and
  3. your camera cost no more than $1000.

I suppose I should enter separately the footage of my kids (these two kids are not mine, but I rented them to play to Doritos target demo) scrounging up the dropped Doritos like pigeons at a park.

If my co-worker Mike is reading this, he can kiss my ass with his comments about how I should have used fishing line and a Doritos on a pencil so it’s spinning even on the crane shot (in which I use a pool net to have the camera in the air). Kiss my ass, Mike. Where’s your stupid entry with the guy in college who lives on Doritos and has furniture made of Doritos. That’s almost as bad as some of these other hopefuls.


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  1. If I even do enter, I sure as heck aren’t doing some family friendly, 80’s music ridden “let me look at your hands” video! I’ll probably go with something along the lines of a car hitting me…

    I always have that plan, but I NEVER actually enter the contests! Anybody remember the ketchup contest a while ago? I had the same car hitting plan back then, but I just never made it. Same with some lame video contest about inter-religious marriage that nobody knew about. It probably would have won too if I hadn’t been so lazy. One of these days, I swear I will make the car hitting video, and it might just be for the doritos contest.

  2. That was funny, but it would have been awesome if you had used fishing line and a doritos on a pencil so that it would be spinning in all the shots, not just the first one.

  3. @1

    Scratch that. I just filmed my entry, and I get flattened by a garage door as apposed to getting hit by a car. Same thing.

    At any rate, I sure won’t be seeing you guys at the superbowl.

  4. I’ll admit, I liked it, even with the stationary chips in a couple shots. That being said, considering the chances of winning I think instead of a couple days of blood, sweat, and tears to put together a video for the contest I’m just going to spend the buck and buy a Powerball ticket. My odds are probably better than yours.

  5. @1 Reubnick- sorry to tell you I think one of the previous Doritos winners did involve someone crashing his car while trying to be cool. @2 I just woke up Sukatra, and have no coffee. So you TOTALLY punked me. I cringed when I read that.
    @7/8- The Superbowl contest is like the lottery. You have the same chance of winning whether you enter or not.

  6. I’d have had the kid miss the catch and wind up with Dorito protruding from his eye. But I guess that would have been about as popular as a wardrobe malfunction.


  7. Kevin I like it….. nice idea esp. since the “retro”- “era” is making a come-back……. Like your latest “superb” video…..

    I TRULY HATE to critique You I truly do… as I do not even have enough creativity to fill my little finger. Butyour add DID end on a negative note……. in my opinion. I hope you will do another( or is that not too cool)….. I see a couple of entries did that.. LOVE YOU NALTZ and wifeofnaltz GOOD STUFF……

  8. @10

    You’re just mad because a spinning chip would’ve been cool. And how do you know Superman isn’t spinning. Perhaps he’s spinning so swiftly that he appears to remain stationary. If that’s the case, a lowly Dorito could never muster up this superhuman power on it’s own volition.


    The whole reason we’re here on this site is to help our dear friend Nalts remain the humble genius that he is. As such, beating him to death with every critique we can muster is perfectly acceptable. It’s a good, healthy, dysfunctional relationship, and we all like it that way 😀

  9. Yo! I just submitted my entry! Check it out! I die in it! Woooo

    I’m not sure if it finished processing yet, but just look for it. It should be most recent.

  10. I think my favorite part of this contest is that stupid guy who uploaded like 4 of the exact same 45 second videos of him where he explains how he is from mars, and that he loves Doritos & blah blah blah in which no editing was involved in the video whatsoever. I want to give that guy a punch in his comically large face…

    Also, almost as funny is that guy who made a 40 second unedited amateurish video of himself vlogging about how doritos are the best things in the world, even though he was eating tostitos, said “he loves all the different brands” and was wearing a Phillies baseball hat, even though this commercial is during the superbowl. There is soooooo many different things wrong with that entry.

    It seems everybody wants a shot at this million dollars so much that they are all barely willing to even try to make a good concept, and are all too busy uploading 10 really bad half-baked, poor-quality pieces of crap in hopes that one of them will take off because it’s so random that it’s funny. Ugh! I have so many other things I could bring up, but this comment is already way longer than my usual comments.

  11. I am happy to say this, though. If the contest ended tomorrow, Nalts, me, and 3 other people would DEFINITELY leave with 25,000 dollars. 67 submissions, and only about 5 that anybody can take seriously, the others are all soo bad that it’s funny. I guess I just have to wait until November 10th for all the professionals to upload their videos.

    Why am I typing so much today?

  12. I like your new criteria. I think that would widdle down the competition. I had to watch twice. My computer connection sucks that bad.

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