15 Replies to “Best of Nalts Playlist”

  1. Your “best of nalts” and my “best of nalts” diverge significantly. I have a “my favorite nalts” playlist you can go look at sometime if you’re stuck in traffic, in an airport, being held hostage by midgets, or just plain bored.

    Also, everybody sees through your pathetic attempt to make a blog post out of nothing. If you’re going to post drivel, post nothing at all.

    Wait a minute, if that were the general rule around here, this blog wouldn’t even exist, would it?!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I crack myself up.

    Yeah, I know. Midgets is not PC. Who cares? Bite me.

  2. Thank god “White Bucks” was in there! Ditto @1. My best of Nalts differs greatly too. Why must you shun “Subscriber appreciation week?”

    My feelings have been hurt. *sigh* (drama whore)

  3. I would put “Mall Pranks” first. That one is my all-time favorite. Interestingly enough, I am not a big fan of “Farting in Public”, although I know it is your most viewed video.

    I am also a big fan of “White Bucks”.

    “Viral Video Genius” is the one that brought me into the Nalts-obsessed fold.

    Can’t see anything past the list above since YouTube is blocked here at work.

  4. @5 agree, other than some audio issues (I bet someone could fix that) Mall Pranks is #1, and I’m a White Bucks fan too because I think it is such a positive video, which btw, I predict will be what people, over the next few months/years, will want.

    Kevin you need to put together a Positive Nalts playlist for the oncoming depression.

  5. @6: I work in a middle school. They have VERY tough blocking software here. It even blocks the proxies (trust me, I’ve tried). Plus, I can’t install or download anything (even though I am the computer teacher), and my Flash hasn’t been updated in a hundred years, so even if I could get to YT, I couldn’t watch anything.

  6. @8

    bring your own computer? Or are they retarded like my school is and have web authentication? In that case, is there an open wifi point you can access?

  7. @1 If you can’t self promote then don’t bother speaking at all. That’s what EgoNalts says. @4 I haven’t announced I did that video. @9 OMG I am SO burnt on Joe the Plumber. That lost its funny Wednesday night at 10 pm.

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