10 Replies to “Early Designs of YouTube and Google”

  1. @1 Ha, what was it? The solo video camera of some sorts pointing at you?

    It’s ever changing, I can’t keep up with it now adays. Pink, green, cheese…although I must admit the Nalts/Katie picture is the cutest thing ever! :o)

  2. I didn’t know google existed until… I think 2003. Youtube I didn’t use until early 2006. I didn’t upload until early 2008.

    yeah, of course I fail.

  3. @1
    I remember one of the early WVFF banners was a picture of Nalts holding a bum’s “Will video For Food” cardboard sign on the left with a picture of a boxy video camera on the right. It was kind of dark and colorless. I like the moving cheese one better.

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