PopTub Backed by Google ‘n Pepsi

This Hollywood Reporter article reveals that PopTub (a new show on YouTube) is backed by bigger players that I thought.

(Google) quietly launched a video series September 8 on its YouTube property called “Poptub” with Embassy Row, the production company run by “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” creator Michael Davies, and Pepsi.

So we’re feeling quite humbled that host Nick Vitale joied the Bad Nalts Bear team for the Rhett & Link supernotes contest. Here we see him at Comix getting a round of awkward silence after his supernote.

And of course Maria Sansone did that Yellow Pages reading after I acknowledged that she could read the phone book and we’d love it. Was I right? And that they’re digging my videos. Even guest star Ana covered me.

Why PopTub daily only has 4,000 subscribers is absolutely beyond me. I guess it takes time. Maybe they need a good fake feud with a prominent YouTuber.

Common PopTub. I wanna guest host! See you in NYC.

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42 thoughts on “PopTub Backed by Google ‘n Pepsi”

  1. So Nalts is to Poptub as Britney Spears is toThe Enquirer?

    I sincerely hope I don’t see footage of you being wheeled out of your house in a stretcher allegedly ODing off of Ambien.

    So basically Poptub is the Entertainment Tonight for Youtube?

    Oh yeah, if you ever…I mean EVER, do product placement for Viagra…I’m unsubbing! :o)~

  2. Only 4000? Compared to Pepsi’s pitiful channel (almost 500 subscribers strong – almost!) Going in on Poptub was brilliant.

    But then, anything is better than a company trying to promote themselves. A while back, Pepsi gave me permission to abuse one of their old tv commercials (click), and that one video alone has almost as many views as everything they’ve currently got on their channel put together. Me! A nobody who literally only had 14 subscribers (at the time)

    Interestingly, my video quality has done nothing but decline since.

  3. @5

    yeah, but, why are you referring to a company which sucks? I mean, it has no uses. Coke is awesome, diet coke is for freaks and mentos, and pepsi is just… ew.

  4. @6: Pepsi is the only true cola. Diet Pepsi is my nectar of the gods.

    @4: “Oh yeah, if you ever…I mean EVER, do product placement for Viagra…I’m unsubbing!”
    Me too.

    Kevin: It really annoys me (you know, the spelling nazi) when you use “common” when what you mean is “come on”.

  5. @8

    where do you live again? if you’re near/in Georgia, USA, then my response is “BLASPHEMER”, if not, then my response has to be “your opinion”

  6. Hey Kevin… I just had an idea. Next time you speak somewhere, instead of falling off the stage you should shit your pants. That would make me laugh.

  7. Ah……. out of context, that cute pet costume video was even fresher… you do some good stuff, Nalts. It stood up to puppy sees reflection in a mirror.

  8. I tried to read that Hollywood Reporter article, and it dinnt make no sense to me.

    Marilyn: That’s “didn’t make any,” to you.

  9. I think PopTub needs to do a show on the degenerate freaks who hang around Nalts’ blog. I mean, between all four of us that’s what, another 4500 subscribers they could garner?

    And maybe they could explain why we all keep coming back, too!


  10. @20 LOL, yeah. We can create even more fake user names such as “NaltsisKing,” “LoverofNalts,” “NaltsismyDaddy,” “NaltsBiznatch” and “Naltsrulestheworld” so we can continue to feed Ego Kevin’s delusional sense of superiority. You’re on the right track notsomecallmejim. Nice one, I don’t even think he’ll know who the real you is! My lips are sealed! :o)

  11. This has really gone too far. I am actually quite the casanova when it comes to, you know, that s-e-x thing. Just ask my wife.

    On second thought, don’t ask her. Just take my word for it.

  12. Kevin, just remember we support you 100% and will do everything we can to help you with your flaccidity problem. Well, not everything, but you know, stuff that is reasonable and not too gross.

  13. Poptub/Pepsi/Google must have burnt through at least $200,000 in advertising costs, flight costs , back office staff wages (about 6 people) and presenters wages and appearance fees to get those 4000 subscribers.

    They have almost every fifth video they make getting featured and they are still going nowhere (because the people putting the shows together don’t understand YouTube)

    I thought you were already on their payroll Nalts and that you had just bottled out (pun intended) of telling Embassy Row’s Pepsi brand manager to get rid of the coat-tail riding old-media people currently scripting the show (the presenters are doing their best, but garbage in…garbage out).

    The Pepsi/YouTube/Poptub connection went public on 15 September 2008 (over a month ago) when GangstaStalker figured it out

    “Now that is interesting. YouTube has switched its cola of choice from Coke to Pepsi and this is the icebreaker channel…and there was me thinking that your little old Pepsi embed was just another Partner TOU violation that YouTube was turning a blind eye to when it was really another fancy toy just for you. There is a lot riding on this channel I guess, what with an uber corp like Pepsi watching to see what happens.”

    Watching Google crash and burn on its own website is entertaining Nalts. Don’t tell them what they are doing wrong. Maybe if GoogPep have a difficult enough time getting seen Google might consider removing all the obstacles that ordinary content creators without hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn and prearranged feature slots have to face when trying to get seen.

  14. @39

    Content related to the original post? Do we even allow that on this site???


    But seriously, I don’t think it’s a “crash and burn” as much as it is a lesson in cold hard marketing. An emerging channel will always have an uphill battle, no matter who backs them, because their stuff is just now getting out there, opposed to the fact that even fairly unpopular schlubs like me who just happen to have been around for more than a couple years have a more collateral exposure.

    Think about it-It’s not all about how many subscribers you currently have, or how many videos you have today. Those account for a good chunk of your online video popularity, but it’s not everything. My sub-100 videos have been favorited thousands of times, buy thousands of people along the last two years. I get a fair stream of hits, not because of the videos I make today (which are sparse, to say the least), but because I’ve got a lot of videos on other people’s channels, in their video logs, playlists, and favorites.

    That stuff takes time to build up. A channel a couple months out of the gate can expect a lot of direct exposure, but they aren’t out there enough to draw in views yet from all the collateral sources…yet. The time is coming.

    In turn, this is why individuals who have been around a few years are very valuable to companies loking to do social media marketing. You can show up on the spot, and never get a hit. But if you draw from creators who have been around a while, you’re going to get hits, and hits from people who are creatures of habit and frequent their favorite creators regularly. So, making Nalts their monkey boy is actually a brilliant maneuver on their part.

    The moral of the story: Advertisers should draw from experienced producers who have been around a few years…like me.

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