Even New Online-Video Stars Do Product Placement

Even online-video noobs (like Britney Spears, who only started posting to her YouTube channelĀ in early 2007) are selling out in product placements!

But at least she can have some fun with it. The Nokia 5800 spotted in Britney’s “Womanizer” music video has an appointment scheduled for “product placement meeting.”

Courtesy of Yahoo Video blog, where you can see the video in schweet resolution.

12 Replies to “Even New Online-Video Stars Do Product Placement”

  1. You should have seen the product placement for healthy choice salads on Ugly Betty the other night. It was ridiculously obvious – didn’t really even fit into the story line. Those are the kind of product placements that I detest. At least try to work it into the story, and be a little bit more subtle than having a secretary open up her desk drawer showing about 20 neatly organized healthy choice salads.

    On the other hand, it worked, because until that show i didn’t know healthy choice sold salads.

  2. @2

    how could you not think that a place with the root word “health” in it could NOT sell salads? What I want to know is if they sell something OTHER than salads.

  3. Please tell me you got the idea for this post’s title after watching the “Shawshank Minute” video at jibjab (click).

    I have some very subtle product placement in all of my videos. So subtle you’d never realize it unless you were looking for it. Also so subtle I’ll never get paid for it.

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