11 Replies to “SNL To Create Portal. And Clone Tina Fey..”

  1. Really the best thing that could happen for SNL is McCain gets elected than they will have 4 years of material with Fey doing her impression. I cannot believe that Palin will not do SNL; it would be seen more than the superbowl and would most likely have her come off as OK.

  2. Wow, I’m surprised not to see the obligatory “SNL hasn’t been funny in years.” Well that was a nice surprise. I know it’s not a cool thing to say, but I really think SNL has gotten a lot better in the last 2-3 years. I agree most of the sketches still aren’t that funny, but if people are tuning out after the opening political sketch, they’re missing the 2 best segments: the Digital Short and Weekend Update. The Digital Shorts are really top notch. They started when Andy Samburg joined the cast and are shot completely on digital cameras.

  3. I’m a big SNL fan, and other than the two new featured players, I like the cast now more than most previous casts. Very funny people. Not like the past several incarnations, where there are one or two really funny people and they carry everyone (Will Ferrell, Sandler, etc.).

    I’m NOT a fan of ’70s SNL, though. That is I think where people start to really disagree with me. With the exception of a few things, it was like MadTV to Monty Python’s modern-SNL. At least to me.

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