Correction: MrSafety Goes BEHIND Camera

In a post last week I rambled about MrSafety. Not inaccurate information, but not related to the essence of the video he posted. You see, I don’t finish videos. But neither do you.

Cory called me that day, and explained that the video was intended as his announcement that he’s moving behind the camera. His intention (hence the name SMPFilms) was to be a film director, and he wants to find other stars besides himself to feature in his videos.

I challenged him, of course: “Cory I’m not your agent, but if I was I’d remind you that your most popular videos feature you.” His response:

  1. I enjoy directing and producing.
  2. I wants to help other people become popular.

Certainly  that will reflect well on him and SMPFilms if he helps uncover the next Smosh or something.

Whatya think? Cory does seem to watch the medium carefully. His model is somewhat different from the Mediocrefilms one: The Retarded Policeman’s channel has gone from 20 to 100K-plus subscribers pretty quickly by bringing in some YouTube A-listers (and me).

Will Cory grow if he finds some acting no-names and lifts them up? Will it help his channel, or simply promote some unknown Tubers? I suppose it depends on if the content is good… and if his actors are better looking than him and his cat.

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  1. Mr Safety is Mr Super Duper Good Doer – More Power to Him!

    The only question is, can he eat a whole head of lettuce while ants crawl up his leg?

    I recommend Azrienoch.

  2. I think Cory should fly me out and feature me. I mean, I don’t have any distinguishable talent, but I’m pretty sure if you just put me in the room with the guy it would probably leech into my system via osmosis. And my insanity coupled with real talent would make me unstoppable. Mwah ha ha!

    As far as how it will affect his channel, I think that for the top YouTubers, there’s a bit of a runaway train effect with subscribers. The closer to the top you are, the more that people see you. The more people see you, the less you have to worry about your abilities bringing in followers, and the more you have to focus on providing a steady stream of content for all of these folks who stumble upon you to keep them interested. THAT was a long sentence.

    Let me break that down a little. If you’re a virtually unknown YouTuber, say like me – You need to make great content if you want to get seen (well, not necessarily great, but at least relevant. But that’s a story for another day!), because people won’t find you through the front pages of YouTube: They find you searching for key words or because your video is related to another video they just watched.

    Once you get onto the pages of the most subscribed however, your dynamic changes. Smosh for example, could make a video doing nothing but sitting there eating feces, and it would probably get them more subscribers than I’ll ever get before my current family stress gives me a hemorrhage in the brain. Once you’re on the most subscribed/viewed pages, you have a higher visibility, and the need to make videos that appeal to search and related videos goes out the door. You just need to make sure you put something out, and in doing so, people stay happy.

    And of course, if you get to the top, and you still post great content, you’ll grow even faster. So someone, get me to the top, so I can overtake Smosh. Someone has to do it!

  3. You know, after a good meal when I’m sitting on the front porch watching the evil tap-rooted pine trees swaying in the wind, the last thing I feel like doing is spending three or four hours editing a video for 15 year-olds to sneer at on YouTube and I think “Let somebody else do it.”

  4. @12

    really? you’re YOUNGER than me? AWESOME.

    oh, and 11.

    yeah, the sneering stuff was fun, but the day you turn 16, it gets old… immediately.

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