Hey, Short Attention Span Viral People: Shire Offers ADHD Support Online

Shire, the company that got spanked for the Ty Pennington video, relaunched an ADHD website to helpĀ  visitors, especially those who may be new to ADHD, with an “easy-to-navigate road map to help learn about ADHD and finding success in living with the disorder.” It’s called adhdsupport.com.

I didn’t go to it because I think I heard a noise in the basement, and I really don’t feel like finishing this pos

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  1. This is the sort of post I can really sink my teeth into, like a big juicy steak. Mmmm, I could go for a steak right now, grilled of course. That reminds me, I need more charcoal briquettes. Paving bricks! That’s what I was supposed to buy for our fall landscaping. That and grass seed. It always amazes me how much grass my inlaws’ goats can eat in a day. It’s been a while since I’ve tried any of their goat milk. Ug, I need to pick up milk from the store. And you know what goes good with milk? A nice grilled steak. Oh, but…but…but….

    Hey look – A new YouTube video. I’ll finish this pos

  2. Oh, people, if only you knew. . .

    I keep trying to film Hank at the height of his frenzies (usually when he gets up in the morning) but as soon as I point the camera his way he stops. Plus he’s usually naked, having flung his pajamas off as he breaks through the door to his bedroom and races down the hall toward the living room at Mach 1.

    And believe me, you have not known frustration until you have tried to reprimand or discipline a child with this disorder until he is laughing hysterically in your face at every measure you take. And on top of that, you know in your heart that your efforts are not only fruitless, but not even fair to him because the ADHD is actually a secondary condition to a serious dysfunction of his brain which makes it nearly impossible for him to control his behavior without medication.

    Yesterday there was a major snafu at the pharmacy with his primary medication, which meant we were forced to rely only on short acting drugs for school today. I had to go into his classroom, explain the situation to his teachers, and tell them to call me if they needed me to come back and give him more drugs.

    Sure enough, around 1:45, they called me. I went and tppk him home early since I knew it would take almost til school was over for a second dose of his meds to kick in.

    And of course, now the second dose has worn off. Thank God we were able to get his patches from the pharmacy today or I would have had to barricade him in the basement for the weekend. Or myself.

    Why am I posting all this negative shit lately? I blame it on kevin. And the impending Greater Depression. And bears.

  3. Dear Debbie Downer,

    why are you posting such a long-ass post? I can’t keep my eyes open long enough to read it.

    Bonk. That’s the sound of my head hitting the top of my desk.

  4. @4: I sympathize with you. I have to spend 20 minutes a day with a class that has at least 3 ADHD kids in it (among other “‘special” kids). It drive me nuts. And it’s only 20 minutes. I can’t imagine spending an entire day with even one ADHD kid. If it gives you any comfort, there is a special place in heaven for you.

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