Research Study Profiles “Engaged” Online-Video Viewers

ReelSEO has a nice post about a recent Forrester & Veoh study that characterized the 40% of us “engaged viewers” that watch about 75% of the online-videos. The online-video users, like web surfers, will soon resemble the general population. But for now we’re a unique bunch, and the post has some takeaways for advertisers… advertainment is advised.

6 Replies to “Research Study Profiles “Engaged” Online-Video Viewers”

  1. Ha! You’re a “Advertainmenter” and “Connector.” I’m a “Controller!” Woohoo! Does that mean mind control too? In that case…((((((Nalts, look into my eye! You must send me a Nalts T-shirt and Nalts mug to my home by next week for free!)))))) :o)

    Hey, whoever won the Charlie dead pet snake contest?

  2. dude, I don’t even have 30 subscribers, let alone being in the partner program (by the way, Reubnick, sorry about your giving up). way to make me feel bad. stupid whore.

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