17 Replies to “Has-Been YouTuber Desperate Grasps for Attention: Pole Dancing, Eating Worm”

  1. You know, parasitic worms were all the rage a month ago. It was like, #4 on google trends once when I checked it.

    You should just name it whatever the top most searched term is on google trends each day. That’ll get ya views. If you change it right now to “The Oxford project”, you still might even be able to milk a few more views out of it…whatever The Oxford project even means.

  2. @3 nothing garlic can’t cure.

    By popular demand I’ll bring the funny over here. So Kevin in hooking up they just let you do what you do everyday in the bathroom at home?

    I knew the joke was coming and I might have been more amused if the guy holding the camera had put it on a tripod. Good ending, I do like you and Buck more than the others. Now when do we see nutcheese?

  3. I hate it when people use twitter to promote their videos. It’s so annoying. Twitter is about the sheer joy of saying the craziest thing you can think of in less than 140 characters. It’s almost an art form. People who whore themselves out on twitter just ruin the ambiance of the medium.

    P.S. Nice pole dancing. I like professor Klein. You need to steal that character from the show and make it a part of your regular channel.

  4. All the hater comments that your prompt in the sidebar of the worms video instigated have made my day. They’ve also been interfering with me finishing my college work. So thanks.

  5. Hey, does anyone want my last taco and potato ole’s? Up till a moment ago I was pretty excited about Taco Tuesday, but surprisingly I’ve lost my appetite.

    …stupid Hooked Up Video.

  6. Just a little alert to all your loyal readers, that there will be a Facebook event on October 21 called “International Talk Like Sarah Palin Day.”

    I’d sign up, except I’m afraida the consequences to the participants if she DOES get into office. For starters, she’ll order their bosses to fire them. That’s just for starters.

  7. at dahliaK

    I actually think she’s more likely to hunt us down in blackhawk helicopters and shoot us with her big ol’ hunting rifle or shotgun or bow and arrow or whatever it is she uses to hunt moose. Or just have the blackhawk strafe us, and to hell with the collateral damage!

  8. @15,

    When I lived in Nebraska, the “Telemarketing capital of the world*” so named because of the many firms that use Nebraskans’ clean accent-free English for telemarketing, that may have bothered me. After four years up here, I can’t contemplate why it’s a big deal. I hardly realized she had an accent until Nalts made the drag video with the worlds worst accent.

    *-Outside of India, of course

  9. @the eating worms video

    that is probably the second most disgusting thing I’ve seen today.

    you don’t want to know what the most disgusting thing I’ve seen today is.

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