Vloggers To Get Prime-Time Reality Show?

Do you vlog? Then YOU might be dull enough for television. 

TV Diaries, a sparse but new blog, claims to be building a show with The Conlin Company, who is behind such reality-hits as “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Nanny 911.”

Says this post: We’re seeking Emotional Exhibitionists who have nothing to hide. If you can entertain, shock, charm, amuse or amaze an audience with a personal, intimate, no-holds-barred look at your intriguing life, we want to hear from you!

But don’t just read about it. Watch this captivating video, where a duo calls out for all “vee-loggers.” Not vloggers. Vee-loggers. Or watch this snappy video for more details.

I’m already preparing for the thrill of watching vloggers on television.

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  1. What’s with all this television hating? What’s the real difference between passively watching crap on the TV, and choosing the crap you watch on your computer? Aren’t all of the technologies just going to converge anyway, so that one day we’ll have one device that does it all?

    Sorry, but if the content on the internet is any indication, the future of entertainment is not particularly rosy.

    Most of the highest rated stuff on YouTube is from TV. It’s all the same junk. What’s the distinction? The line is only going to become further blurred.

    School me, geniuses

  2. @7 – Content is king, and medium of TV is the originator of a VERY small portion of what I watch. I watch SNL, Family Guy, and South Park… not much else. And I watch it on the internet more and more. Therefore, it sucks in comparison to YouTube.

    So as a medium, TV sucks. That’s probably why no one likes it here.

  3. @9 Thanks for the response.

    Off topic advice:
    If you stop to get gas, and there’s one of those convenience stores there, and you go in, and you happen to see a giant microwavable burrito called “DA BOMB” don’t ever be tempted to get it.

  4. I second the nomination of nutcheese.

    Kevin, you gotta check out this channel called katereadsbooks. Kelley’s probably already told you about it but this woman is absolutely hilarious. I already like her more than you.

  5. okay i went to the web link and watched the first 10 seconds of the video, just long enough to hear the v-log, before I stopped the video and left a comment. No one else has left ANY comments on this video, so you just KNOW they’re gonna read it, right?

    Here’s what i said:

    okay, like ten seconds in, and I already think you’re idiots. It’s “vlog,” as in “blog”, not “v-log.” If you want to invade the medium, try studying it first and learning some basic lingo. Like GTFO.

    Do you think I was too harsh?

  6. Ya know, I sort of have a feeling that this idea is going to have a fate similar to that of Flix55’s.

    If I ever get an offer to be on the show, we’ll know that my theory is accurate.

  7. Sukatra makes me giggle. I’ve never seen someone get so upset over vlog vs. v-log that didn’t actually vlog. Ha! It makes me laugh.

    It cracks me up how she called them out! That rocked!

  8. @BKN – if all you’re watchin’ on line is youtube then you’re missin’ out on a ton of great stuff, which is ok with me, too many people on the net as far as I’m concerned anyway

    forgot to say – great picture/link Kev

    There’s only one way I can see this vloggin’ TV show thing work and I’m not tellin’

    ps it’s Sarah Palin’ week dump all your g’s at the end of ing

  9. Kevin,

    Thanks for posting this on your bee-log. Maybe I should hear over to my bee-log and make a post linking to this bee-log about the vee-log chance of a lifetime.

    Do you think If I Was able to update my bee-log from a Nintendo they could call it a wii-log? Of course, I don’t have one of those yet, so for now it would have to be my PS3-log.

    All joking aside, I hope they pick me. I want to be one of the first TV-loggers.

  10. My sister calls ahead now before she comes over to the house. We have a code phrase (mom listens to all phone conversations) that lets her know if mom is currently in or out of her mind. If mom is insane today, I say “Lawanda is in the driveway.” and sis knows to come at her own peril.

    I think I’ll start using that here for the crazier stuff you post.

    Vloggers are getting a prime time TV show? Lawanda is in the driveway.

  11. @18 Well that’s what I was wondering. What am I missing out on? How can I get more out of my internets?

  12. @23
    Hahaha! Me, too, Jim. Trouble is, Lawanda is an actual person, an ex-boss of my sister who was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder (her ex-husband did the murder) who was SOOO redneck it freaked my redneck momma out. So much so that momma hallucinates about seeing her parked in our driveway at night, smoking Pall Malls and watching us.

    If I wore that shirt, it might cause friction.

  13. @nutcheese

    you think you’re so cool just because you vlog. and make videos. and stuff. Well, any ambition I had to vlog went straight down the crapper last night when you introduced me to katereadsbooks. Now THAT’s a vlogger. my vlogs would be a shit smear across the screen compared to her masterpieces. So I’ve given up all hope, once again.

    You dream killer.

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