Happy Monday: Real-life Thumper and Bambi

The trick to being happy is to feel good. So watch this albiet archain video showing a real-life Thumper and Bambi. This deer and rabbit get along wonderfully. Now relax and feel wonderful about your week. Yey! Thanks, Jan. We don’t know how you find these, but love that you keep sending ’em.

Speaking of animals, I spent about 3 hours this morning editing a future video that’s a battle of the cutest Halloween contests… it’s BabysitterofNalts’ Rusty (a pug) versus Triscuit (a cute cat with sharp teeth). Various cute costumes, lovely music and voiceovers by Nalts and Wifeofnalts. Certainly has viral potential. Of course I won’t be including the shot in which Rusty took a bite out of Triscuit’s tail, and Triscuit clenched her teeth on babysitterofnalts’ finger, which is now in some strange cast. Sorry Jen.

Animals are so gosh darned cute, though. Even cuter than the pale, hopeless, corporate faces I encountered in my walk into the office today.





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  1. this is one of those animal vids that’s being ripped left and right and put to love music, if you’re channel needs a lift add a sound track and that’ll cure all. Fact: PEOPLE LOVE CUTE.

    creatively, one of my favs [click] ihas everything a cute pet videos needs.

    FTR, I don’t actually go looking for this stuff, people send them to me cause I’m such a nice guy 😉

    Seriously though, my msg box is so full of videos, if it were possible to harness that power as a collective we wouldn’t be in the financial and political messes we are in today. It’s all about the sharing and caring 🙂

  2. It’s a splint and gauze. Because my blood hates me and refuses to supply me with an immune system for grossly infected fingers with green puss oozing from the 32 puncture wounds. Because my finger got eaten alive for your stupid video.

    P.S. He is NOT a pug…Rusty is a pekignese.

  3. archain?

    I don’t see what a protein on chromosome 11 has to do with anything.

    Did you see the Dow today? Tell those corporate guys to cheer up! Tell them CHANGE is on the way!

  4. Why do all these sweet little “animals of two different species play together” videos always seem to come out of Canada, eh? It’s aboot time some good ol’ fashion American interspecies friendships were featured.

    By the way, I’m so disappointed that this video didn’t show the cute little bunny humping Bambi. Now THAT would have been cute.

    Oh yeah, and Jan? BUSTED! I knew you were a guy.

  5. In Marilyn’s absence, I feel obligated to mention “albiet archain” as one of Nalts’ more creative misspellings. God only knows what he meant by that conjunction of words.

    Yes, Jen did point out “archain” first, but made no mention of “albiet.” Albiet archain sounds like an alchemist’s concoction, though whether benign or nefarious, I cannot say.

    Now to watch the Bambi and Thumper video.

  6. Awww! That was so cute!

    “…one thing’s for certain: This is SUCH a heartwarming video!”

    who writes that way?

  7. My existence is a bubbling brook of apathy and disdain, replenished from the very fountains of blackness that shed pain and suffering hither and fro across the land. Misery awaits me, anguish my only companion. I trod through the mire of putrescence and wonder when it will all finally end. And the answer is the same every day I ask it…

    About 5, when you punch out and go home.

  8. “albiet” should be “albeit”, which means “although; even if”.

    “archain” should be “arcane”, which means “known or understood by only a few”

    So you are asking us to watch this “although known or understood by only a few” video?

    Please use spell check and a dictionary, Kevin. I can’t be around all the time to help you with your spelling and grammar.

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