Viral Video Case Studies… and cute dog costumes

I’ve developed a fairly comprehensive list of my sponsored videos, and the case studies surrounding them. See this page on to review the brand goals and see the videos. I’m glad to have a TubeMogul profile so potential clients can see accurate, real-time details about my views and demographics (see chart below).

My most recent client,, has posted the “Out of Video Ideas” on its homepage… so please visit and comment!

This weekend we’re going to try dressing up babysitterofnalts‘ Rusty (see his famous video) in various Halloween costumes based on a ReadersDigest article about dog costumes. So if you see Charlie walking around with Rusty this weekend, watch for the hidden camera.

nalts demographicsAs I said in yesterday’s post about CPM, the future profit model for online-video creators has sponsored content at its heart. Nothing makes more sense for creators and brands, and it’s much less irritating for viewers than those interuption ads on Hulu.

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  1. I agree with the idea that creators should actively search for sponsored content opportunities, but I am not so certain that is going to be “the heart” so to speak. I think no one is going to want to see a large amount infomercials and infomercial-esque content on a YT channel.

    Small doses are fine, but people are not going to want to think somecallmejim has a sales team.

  2. And Nalts, why don’t you become a sponsored content agent or something? You are obviously very passionate about it, why not make money off other people on top of your regular whoring?

    And I am not saying that to be mean.

  3. You know what’s goiing on right now in my house? Right now?? I’ll tell you what’s going on right now. It’s 7:30 in the morning and Hank has already made one circuit of the house screaming at the top of his lungs. Then while I was applying his patch to his butt region he was rolling around laughing hysterically and purposelly knocking shit off my bed. Then more hysterical laughing. All in the face of threats to make him stay in his room all day, said threats at which he also laughed.

    I have managed to get him back into his room and now he’s screaming “SUPERDOG!!!!!” or something like that. And of course, he has to throw in the occasional high pitched scream, which automatically summons dolphins from I don’t know where. With occasional large crashes, indicating things are being randomly tossed about. Oh, there’s some more random screaming.

    Here’s a rough transcript of the noises coming out of his room for the last 25 minutes, all at high volume:

    “I should make an ice cube. [random grunting] More. Woah! [garbage can crash] Oway too wayyy i have icre cream for you . . . yeeeee yoooo. I want some more . . . Blehhhhhhh! [indecipherable] God It’s not cute. . . i gotta the coldness, yeah yeah . . AGGGHHHHHHHHH!! AGGGGHHHHH!!! [dolphin scream] Aaaaaaaahuaaaaa!!! Boyyyyy. Sin fan! It’s brat pee power! Woooooooo!! oooooooooooo!! it’s cold in here. Aghghghghhhhh! wooooooo! Yayayayaya!! [running around] [dolphin scream] [garbage can knocked over] Aww man I hate . . wooaooaaaaah. Oh man. that was easy! Woaaaaaaah! Wow! Wow! [things breaking and stuff being dragged across the floor] Wow! [More dolphin screams] Wow!! [dolphin scream, running] Freeze your hand, okay? [barks] woooooaaah, that was so cool! Ouch. Yeah I know it! Woaahhhhh! [random grunting] Totally awesome!! Totally awesome!! Hey it’s not doing what I want it to do!. Man! eeeeeeyaaa. Coyote! hey, heahhhhh. Wowoooooooo! OUCH! [jackhammer sound]
    [ threw something at door] man, this is gonna hurt! I’m gonna make it fly! Want that thing off! [things breaking] [spitting sounds] [talking to himself] Wow. WOW!! it’s super red! I trained it!! [dolphin scream]. . . .

    Now he just came out of his room yelling “i need to go to the bathroom!” Now he’s back in his room.

    Every day, people. Every fucking day.

    If this weren’t a rental house I swear to God I would sound proof his room and get a deadbolt for his door.

  4. @4
    If I find a good exorcist for my firestarter, I’ll send him over for your tasmanian tonguespeaker.

    You need a break. Ever thought about moving to the country and buying a 100-foot leash (er…body harness) for a 101-foot back yard?

    When we lived near Monument Valley, mom would open the trailer door for me in the morning and expect me back by supper time. All of Utah was my playground. I was four.

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