Video Artist Marquisdejolie Gets Surgery Today

Our favorite homeless guy (who technically isn’t homeless currently), Marquisdejolie, is having surgery today at a VA clinic. Marquis, also known as James Jarvis, is a regular contributor to WillVideoForFood and a modern-day Andy Warhol. In honor of him, I’m posting one of my all-time favorites of his videos. The 30-day lunch break.

12 Replies to “Video Artist Marquisdejolie Gets Surgery Today”

  1. You know the end of the film (and real life story of) Apollo 13, where everyone was waiting as the capsule re-entered the atmosphere, and time seemed to drag on forever for that three-ish minutes without radio contact? Having to wait around to hear from mdj after this is sort of like that.

    Hope all is well.

  2. I’m not showering until he shows up back on this blog.

    Now I have a decent response to say to people who complain about my noxious odor.

  3. It’s alive.
    I’m out for the night. Going back in the morning. Very agitated they didn’t give me any bionic parts. Thanks to all you taxpayers who footed my med bill. You’re gonna love socialized medicine. Hahaha!

  4. MDJ: I don’t mind footing your med bill. So there! (Thanks for letting us know you’re still with us)

  5. ^Just to prove it’s me:

    I’m supposed to be on home rest for tomorrow’s follow-up procedure but mom is on a Xanax withdrawal rampage because my sister is out smoking meth in the swamp and is too busy to drop mom her shit and I’m locked in my room with heavy furniture pushed against the door barely able to breath wondering what that acrid smoke is pouring in through the top of my door and I’d much rather be somewhere else juggling scalpels or better yet in Iraq or Afghanistan where I could at least shoot something.

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