Tilzy.tv Journalist Jamison Tilzner Gets Right to the Facts

A lot of journalists will let their subjects wander aimlessly about a story. But you have to give Jamison Tilzner, of Tilzy.tv, kudos for getting right to the story. As “Hooking Up” writer Woody Tondorf waxes poetically about some of the second-rate YouTube weblebrities appearing in the HBOLabs web series (which is now featured on YouTube’s homepage), Tilzner gets right to the key cast member. See 1:55 of this video. And feel free to rip, repeat and upload that to YouTube. Seems Nalts is missing from a lot of the heavy promotion, largely because he serves a bit role and he’s rather old for the target demo.

As I shared with the folks from PopTub in a recorded interview this morning, Woody and the HBOLabs team had two characters in mind when they reached out to me:

  • Professor Klein… a burnt out professor of the imaginary Bask University, which apparently recruits for kids who have low SAT scores but are Internet attention-seeking whores.
  • The janitor of Bask, who pops up at the end and says, “and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.” Turns out they scratched that character to allow for more time to develop the character of Jessica’s boobs.

In the meantime, watch YouTube Reviewed, which is allegedly a mock site HBO Labs created to generate fake negative publicity about the show.

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  1. ooohhh…I’m not sure that YouTube Reviewed is going to be the only site to post some negative feedback to the show! It’d be a surprise if HBO Labs is behind the blog.

    You, of course, are the only reason that we are subscribed to the show.

  2. is this thread dead, yet? good. not only do I want my 3 minutes back I want reparations for what I’ve had to endure thus far. this show really sucked. shall I elaborate or just move on?

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