Sarah Palin to Provide “Cringer” Quotes during Vice President Debate. Video Parodies Begin to Stew.

sarah palin paper maskWell it’s time to ready the cameras for the inevitable parade of Sarah Palin parodies based on tonight’s Vice President Debate! We’re having friends over, and I’ve already purchased 16 Sarah-Palin paper masks (and only 8 Biden ones, as I don’t expect them to be as popular).

What’s going to be the great Sarah Palin quote tonight? The one that echoes through YouTube, like these classics (courtesy of Toronto Star, it’s the “Best of Palin on YouTube.” A free piece of cheese to the first comment below that documents the first “cringer” from tonight’s debate. So while you’re watching, be sure to hit this post and transcribe the most moronic statement you hear. And a verbatim transcript of her entire portion will not qualify even if everything’s a “cringer.”

Thanks to Keith (below) for this lovely site… it generates Palin quotes!

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  1. Keith- LOL … I did cringe. I kept having to remind myself it was a FICTIONAL quote generator.

    Kevin, tell us how you REALLY feel about Sarah Palin? (guttural laughter) Wish I could watch the debate with your crowd… I’ll be watching it alone. *wipes a tear*

  2. FIRST!

    “I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because Uh… some people out there in our nation don’t have maps And uh… I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and uh… the Iraq, everywhere, like, such as And I believe that they should Our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. uh… Or, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries So we will be able to build up our future for our children.”

  3. First big gaffe – she winked at the camera. Personally I think it was directed at Gwen Ifill. Who knew Sarah Palin had secret lesbian desires?

  4. Biden keeps grinning like an idiot every time Sarah Palin speaks. I think he’s imagining her in her underwear. With a shotgun in her hand, if you know what I man.

  5. She’s getting flustered. Listen to her voice, there is a shakiness developing in it. It’s almost like she’s singing gradually more vibrato-styled vocals.

    She is wondering if her ideas are better than McCains. She’s mentioning him slightly less. I want to know if this goes anywhere.

  6. OMG we’re all falling asleeeeeeep. This is so not as entertaining as I thought. Not ONE Moose hunting reference. Just a bunch of “God bless his soul.”

  7. Oh she’s getting all Miss South Carolina now, the question about Vice President Cheney’s construction of the role of the Vice President. She set Biden up to give a clear answer by contrast.

  8. I fell asleep 20 minutes ago but got a second wind.

    She talks so damn fast I can’t transcribe what she’s saying… and that pisses me off.

  9. I poked the eyes out of those stupid Palin and Biden masks…AND attached the strings…AND cut off the stupid tab on the side.

    I can’t remember correctly…aren’t I the babysitter? Hmm.

    Well, to get back at you…sometimes I mismatch your socks and get pure enjoyment out of it. Ever notice why sometimes your black ribbed sock with the gold toe is matched with a navy blue/black sock without a gold toe? Yepp…it was done intentionally…MUAH HHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Palin had all of the advantages going into this debate. The public has low expectations of her, so it was going to be easy to impress them. She also knew that neither the moderator or Biden could attack her. Biden would look like a bully picking on a vulnerable woman while the moderator would be accused of favoritism since she has published a relatively favorable book about Obama. The only thing Palin has needed to do was rehearse how to bring up a canned attack against Biden at every possible opportunity.

    Biden can only grin and bear it like a man being slapped by a girl.

    Oh, and did anyone else notice Palin’s butt? I couldn’t help noticing due to the frequent ‘backside’ views offered by the cameras. That was very considerate of the media.

  11. OMG, bed time for me too (btw, it’s 05:00AM over here). I stayed up all night to watch it – oh wasted time.

  12. @34

    Agreed. It was sort of a drag.

    Interestingly, Palin actually did way better than I expected her to, and Biden flopped around more than I expected him to.

    Either way, I think I’m voting Ross Perot for President this year, with Warren Buffet as his VP.

  13. I’m kidding, I just nodded off, it was pretty dull watching what I missed now on CSPAN.

    @43 What did you expect she’s from Alaska
    Sarah got gas (TM)

  14. My personal favorite cringer: “Just everyday american people, joe six pack and hockey moms across the nation.” WINK

    Favorite exchange, on gay marriage:

    Annc: Do you agree….is that what you said?
    Palin: Your question to him was wether he supported gay marriage and my answer is the same as his and it is I do not”
    Annc: Wonderful you agree….moving on…”

  15. @30 Dangit babysitterofnalts… I spent 15 minutes trying to find a pair of socks that weren’t blue and black. Bring your dogs and cats over this weekend. I need video props.

  16. @43 Wait- I think I heard that fart. Seriously. I have it on tape. I posted then removed my stupid video about the debate. PS Grant’s kids say the same thing that they say about Hank… if only they saw ’em at home!

  17. DahliaK-

    I was sort of aiming for disgusting. So, you’re saying it worked then?

    My wife really does normally keep Peach Schnapps in the house (she likes fuzzy navels), and the bottle used had a half swig of the stuff left. Having never drank straight Peach schnapps, I gave it a try before the making of the video. Let’s just say that my expressions in the video were nothing close to the real thing. Boy howdy!

    We also had a bottle of vodka, but that seemed way too normal for a drinking game.

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