, Stickam…. meet “YouTube Live”

YouTubers have long gathered in rooms at night. Then some of the more attention-seeking, profit hungry ones started live shows… earning profits that certainly weren’t sustainable given the ad model. Now along coms (see YouTube blog).

On August 22 before a live audience in San Francisco, the site promises, audiences can watch live streaming performances from th following celebrities and weblebrities:Akon Soulja Boy Tell’em Will.I.Am Planet B-Boy Beardyman Esmee Denters Sick Puppies LisaNova Funtwo Michael Buckley William Sledd Julia Nunes Mythbusters Tay Zonday Mike Relm.

In fairness, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. Stickam has small rooms for social networking. offers nearly bug-free shows from one to many. And YouTube live is not yet a live platform for YouTubers, but a one-time event. However once the door is open to a live event on YouTube, how long can it be before the site invites real-time interactions to complement the video sharing? It’s clearly something the community wants, as evidenced by the maxed-out virtual rooms during the live shows by some top YouTubers. I signed up to do a weekly show, but there’s something just weird about live performances. For starters, it’s a huge time commitment. And when can I possibly ensure that there won’t be screaming kids around me for an hour?

Be sure to complete the survey and tell ’em you want Nalts at the next big ol’ YouTube love fest. I mean maybe my invitation got lost in the mail or something. Yeah.



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  1. Can’t compare the two, though… at first, that’s what I thought it meant as well.

    So many youtubers have built a big audience on blogtv, it will be hard to ask them to start over without offering some kind of substancial reward (ie money) for doing so.

    I’m sure a few of the shows will initially be sponsored, but they obviously can’t do that for all.

  2. I filled out the survey, and told them that what would make this a must-see event would be Nalts

    …oiling up Buckley.

    On a slightly more serious note, I don’t really like these “let’s get the biggest YouTubers together” type events. It’s just like the US tax system. The rich get richer and the poor stay just where they are.

    Every weblebrity that attends this deal will probably get 10,000 more subs out of it, if not more, in addition to what I’m guessing was a healthy kickback from YouTube to show up and gab. All the while, some hilarious but lesser-known tubers will fall farther behind the curve. Seriously, there are some insanely talented folks who may never break out of the 2,000-4,000 subs level, because everyone is busy drooling over these weblebrities, many of whom aren’t able to hold a candle to these lesser-known kolks in terms of quality, but happened to be on YouTube at just the right time to catch the big wave.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.



    #1 Most subscribed – directors (Nov. 2006), #1 Most subscribed – gurus (Mar. 2007)

  3. I intend to do some kind of love show in the future… I guess it’s good for you.

    Also, I’ve always done live broadcasting… I used to do it professionally. Radio, of the rock variety. So look out to other people… When I get going you cannot possibly stop me.

    I don’t have broadband Internet right now though… One of the bigger hurdles.

  4. @3 I like the lesser known youtubers better. It’s a very sad thing to watch a person develop an ego as they climb, or get cliquey, or go up/down/crazy because of the attention that comes and goes.

  5. @6 – That’s the secret to fame. All of these folks who get caught up in the fame cloud get inflated egos when the truth is, they’ve got exactly the same amount of talent when they started. You don’t really change, so neither should your ego. Ergo, make sure your ego starts out huge before you begin.

    My ego’s fairly big. So much so that I asked it to start sleeping on our sofa. It was a little unhappy at first, but when I reminded it I no longer locked it in a cage at night and beat it with my shoes, it shaped right up and went to bed.

  6. I can’t be there for it. It pisses me off sincerely. I have to be at Disneyland for (click for reason, hey I want views, or, more importantly, subscribers)

  7. @13 You can’t give your tickets away Jan, didn’t you read the rules? 😉

    @14 Didn’t I see your place on CSI last night?

    I entered the contest so I can meet SoljaBoy and ask him why he hates videos of little kids dancing to his music, he DMCA’d us last week.Nalts if I win tickets you can go with me.

    One of the highlights of YOTube was actually getting to meet “Nalts” and have a real conversation with him…I was a little disappointed when his commitment to doing live shows never materialized. I can’t say it’s his fault *cough* ADD *cough* but I do like the medium and the interaction I am seeing at blogtv, and I really like it as an evolutionary step in the web 2.0 schema that youtube is a part of. Supposedly YouTube will have live streaming available by the end of this year, but no one knows how it will work and who it will be available to…lets hope they get one right this time. (please?????)

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